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Types of Gutters: Materials, Uses & More

types of gutters

Gutters are one of the most underappreciated parts of your architecture, so you won’t find them in the pages of Elle Dรฉcor. Fortunately, they don’t require gratitude. They’re quite satisfied to channel destruction away from your roofing system unseen. That doesn’t mean the industry is static and dull, though.

Gutters have become more innovative than ever before. Increased storm activity and an influx of city dwellers into suburbia has added vibrancy to the housing market, so designers have turned their focus to suburban weather-resistance. New installation methods and fabrications are causing plenty of buzz. Let’s find out which gutters you can choose from this year.


Aluminum gutters are outperforming both steel and copper. This pocket-friendly material resists rust despite its light weight. That makes it one of the best rain gutters available today. Galvanized steel and copper might be stronger, but they’re difficult and expensive to install.

Plastic and vinyl gutters are outperforming copper thanks to their nonporous, lightweight properties. They can snap into place and are easy to carry, but they’re prone to damage and can weaken in sunlight, but they’re far easier to work with than our market winner, aluminum, though. Copper is the most stylish option of the pack, adding dramatic elegance to your home.

Different Types of Gutters

Seamless Products

Every bond adds a weak point to your gutter system, so seamless gutters are enjoying the limelight. They’re installed without joints, so they’re unlikely to leak. They’re also less prone to blockage, so if you hate maintenance, you’ve met your match. Add a leaf guard to your system, and you have one of the most hands-free gutters on the market today. That doesn’t mean gutter seams have been rendered useless. They still have their benefits. They’re easy to install and can be added to your existing gutter system, so they’re often cheaper.

K-Style and Half-Round Gutters

The industry recently introduced seamless half-round, reverse beaded gutters to the market, so they’re receiving plenty of attention. Their traditional aesthetic is balanced by their higher cost. The K-style gutter still dominates this space, taking up 90% of the premium market. K-style designs are flat on one side and capable of holding more rainwater. They can be connected to angled roofs and fitted directly on the fascia board, but they’re prone to corner blockages. They add a decorative edge to your home, particularly if you need an unobtrusive seam.

Box Gutters

Box gutters are the subtlest option on the market because they fit into the center of the roof. They’re less intrusive than alternatives and have a square-shaped base. Their high edges and placement make them a beautiful enhancement for terraced homes. They’re fitted into your property’s framework, so they’re warp-proof and static. Box gutters will keep water away from your walls even if they’re overwhelmed with water. Their deep troughs can handle the heaviest run-off with ease. If they’re still too obtrusive for your tastes, you can use a decorative shell or one-piece installation.

Quad or D Rain Gutters

Quad gutters’ aesthetic versatility has made them one of the most widespread designs in the industry. Their lack of curvature allows them to hold more water, so they’re popular in rainy areas. D gutters are also offered with rounded corners, which means you can, for once, have the best of both worlds. They come in a wide range of widths and profiles, so you can adjust them to suit your architecture. Concealed brackets will add subtlety to this elegant solution. Square shapes are becoming increasingly popular with the advent of industrial architecture. They’re the perfect accent for commercial buildings, particularly when dressed in copper or steel.

Rain Harvesting

Today’s gutters can do more than just protect your home. They can also help you to harvest rainwater. If you live in a drought-prone region, your gutters can collect and channel your water to a storage tank. This gives you a steady supply of grey water for your garden. Your (much lusher) landscaping will appreciate the extra attention.


No matter how innovative the industry has become, gutters are still prone to blockages. Debris and leaves do more than just prevent water diversion. They attract pests and mildew that can ultimately destroy your home. Leaf screens and micro-mesh guardsย can improve your gutters dramatically. Add an outlet guard or balloon trap guard, and you’ll rarely have to clear your gutters. These accessories are easy to install and light on the pocket.

Rain gutter installation is one of the most important ways to keep your home protected from rainwater. If you make an intelligent choice, you’ll rarely have to think about their maintenance. Recent innovations have livened up the industry, giving you plenty of new options to consider. Keep your foundation safe. Choose the perfect gutter.

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