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What Are Standard Window Sizes?

Standard Window Sizes

What is the standard window size? Standard window sizes depend on the type of window you choose for your home. Keep in mind that manufacturers always take off a ½ inch on both the window height and width ranges to ensure successful installation and function. The ½ inch allows for the contractors  to install the window easily and to secure it with shims.

Here are the standard sizes for the most common types of windows:

Double-hung windows

How wide is a standard window? Double-hung windows are one of the most common window types where both sashes can move up and down. They start at 24 inches and can go up to 48 inches horizontal. Their heights can vary from 36 to 72, including heights of 44, 52, 54, and 62 inches. Don’t forget to take 1/2 inch off of each measurement to get the correct window size.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows have fewer options than double-hung windows: 36, 48, 60, 72, and 84 inches are the horizontal sizes. 24, 36, 48, and 60 inches are the vertical sizes. If you hear an installer say a window is “6040,” that means that a window is six feet wide and four feet tall.

Picture windows

Picture windows can’t open, so they can be much taller and wider. Widths can be 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet. Standard heights can range from 2 feet tall to 8 feet tall, with additional heights of 18, 52, 54, and 62 inches. Rough openings are in whole numbers, while 1/2 inch is taken from each rough opening size to get the actual window size. You should also check the single-hung window size chart.

Bay windows

Just like a picture window, a bay window really opens up your home. Bay windows provide more unique architectural characteristics than a standard, double-hung window, allowing access to much more light. They’re more attractive due to their design and ornate features, and because they are pretty large. A bay window’s standard size width is from 3-feet, six-inches to 10-feet, six-inches. The standard height goes from 3-feet to 6-feet, six-inches.

Casement windows

Casement windows are designed to open from the side and are perfect for areas of the house that require more ventilation, like a bathroom or a kitchen. Standard width is between 1 foot, 2 inches and 2 feet, 11.5 inches. Standard height is between 2 feet, 5.5 inches, and 6 feet, 5.5 inches.

Awning windows

Similarly to the casement window, the awning window offers plenty of ventilation. It opens outward and is hinged at the top. If you open an awning window in light rain, the moisture won’t bother you since these windows are literally weatherproof. The standard width is between 2 inches and 3 feet, 10 inches, and the standard height is between 1 foot, 8 inches and 7 feet, 8 inches.

Custom window sizes 

Remember that you can also always have custom-size windows made that are produced based on your exact measurements. 

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