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Omaha customer reviews

We had Hansons install siding on our house. They updated us daily on the progress. A next door neighbor walked over and said WOW!. A gem in the neighborhood. Thank you so much. I recommend using their service.

David R.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska

New siding installed. Crew was courteous, professional, and extremely helpful. They worked SO hard and did an amazing job. They were clear through the whole process and readily available for all questions. I love my new siding!

Tricia S.
Brock, Nebraska

I can wholeheartedly say this was by far the best experience we’ve ever had replacing something in our home. Incredibly polite and well mannered professionals and experts at their job. We could not be happier with our siding.

Joshua F.
Omaha, Nebraska

I reached out to Hanson’s to get a quote for my roof, planning to do it myself with my boys, but decided to check out options. I was impressed with the “Lifetime Guarantee” they offer, and decided to give them the job.

Jamie S.
Onawa, Nebraska

The sales person was not a high pressure actor and very knowledgeable about the service, products and materials. I was not sold anything other than what I needed.

Jeff P.
Omaha, Nebraska

Started job on time, did great job. Cleaned up all debris and nails. I would look to them for quotes for future projects.

Scott D.
Omaha, Nebraska

The crew was very professional and did an amazing job! Nothing but happy and satisfied with Hansons!!

Adam M.
Omaha, Nebraska

Thank you and your staff for an excellent job from the start to the finish. The installers were prompt, courteous and cleaned everything up perfectly.

Michelle W.
Omaha, Nebraska

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The products you need with an unmatched guarantee.

When you choose 1-800-HANSONS to protect your home’s exterior, you get a Lifetime Guarantee that’s unmatched in the industry.

If our windows break, shingles leak or siding gets damaged, we’ll fix it.

Why 1-800-HANSONS?

At 1-800-HANSONS, we pride ourselves on sourcing products that are manufactured with the latest technologies, and due to the high volume we sell, we are able to offer lower prices than many other competitors.

With a variety of best-in-class products in our showroom, your order is customized to your needs and budget. Plus, you’ll enjoy a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our products. If they break, leak or don’t perform, we’ll fix them.

Window installation in Omaha, NE

If you’re looking for Omaha window replacements, 1-800-HANSONS is ready to serve you. Our best-in-class windows come with a best-in-industry Lifetime Guarantee, and we pair them with the most professional window installation in Omaha. Owning 1-800-HANSONS replacement windows not only improves your curb appeal but increases your home’s energy efficiency.

Read More: Common window problems in Omaha, Nebraska

Siding installation services in Omaha, NE

If you are deciding where to buy vinyl siding in Omaha, choose 1-800-HANSONS. With our new vinyl siding, your Omaha home will be the most attractive one in your neighborhood. We pride ourselves on our work, attention to detail, and innovative products and materials.

Our vinyl siding is infused with a unique compound that protects it from ultraviolet light, allowing it to keep its brand-new color for years to come. And, with an added layer of insulation, your home will be more energy efficient, have less noise from outside, and have better quality air.

When you are searching for the best “siding and gutters near me,” you can count on 1-800-HANSONS to provide high-quality products, expert installation, and exceptional customer service.

Working with us is easy – every step of the way.

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We offer a variety of best-in-class products that provide numerous styles and colors to choose from.

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Our team of experts make sure your home is taken care of and the job is done right - from start to final clean up.

Ongoing Satisfaction

With every product, you receive our Lifetime Guarantee. If our windows leak, shingles break or siding gets damaged, we’ll fix it.

Residential roofing in Omaha, NE

On severe weather days, 1-800-HANSONS customers can rest assured that they chose the right roofing company in Omaha. If you need a roof replacement, don’t rely on a temporary fix or poor quality from other Omaha roofers.

And, don’t risk waiting until a leaky roof turns into a serious problem. Even a small leak can quickly cause extensive damage to your ceilings, walls, and possessions. It can even affect the entire structural integrity of your home. Instead, choose 1-800-HANSONS for superior shingles that come with a superior guarantee.

If there’s one trait that Omaha’s weather doesn’t include, it’s subtlety. Its winters are numbingly cold, and its summers are sweltering. Its humidity isn’t limited to its occasional tropical systems. The higher your altitude, the wetter your weather. When temperatures rise to a 71-degree average, you don’t even need rain to experience water damage.

Sunset’s sudden cooling effects and moisture cause rapid expansion of your construction materials, giving condensate the perfect route beneath your outer roof. Years of expansion and contraction will ultimately ruin your structural integrity, and mold takes care of the rest.

When winter strikes, icy temperatures cause their own roofing woes. Wind and snow work together to dislodge your shingles, so it’s important to design your construction strategy for year-round climate chaos.


Dealing with humidity

Trapped moisture destroys every part of your roof, from its attic floor joists and rafters to its sheathing. Given enough summers, wooden layers will eventually separate and weaken, creating even more space for moisture to penetrate. Roof mold and mildew are next in the queue.

You might think Omaha’s chilly winters are your greatest roofing threat, but root rot can be even more damning. It spreads rapidly, eating away at your bricks, ceilings, and plaster. Fungal and black mold infestations cause a domino effect that attracts ever-greater degrees of rot, but avoiding wooden materials won’t solve the problem. Gloeocapsa magma feeds on limestone, so those black streaks you see are more than just ugly—they destroy your shingles as well.

Metal is the material of choice for Omaha’s humid summers. It lets water and snow slide away easily, preventing ice dams and puddles of condensate. Clay tiles are even better, though. That’s why the National Association of Home Builders lists them as the most durable options on the market.

They’re naturally mold-resistant and lighter than concrete, so they reflect sunlight superbly. That way, your HVAC unit won’t have to work too hard to retain your indoor climate. You can expect clay, slate, and concrete roofing to last over a century, but Omaha weather demands a strategy that entails more than just the right materials.


The importance of ventilation

A little oxygen can cure a thousand ills, so your attic, sidewalls, and roofing membrane should all work together to encourage ventilation. A solid strategy can prevent heat loss and retain the integrity of your insulation. A breathable membrane is particularly important.

Air permeation can prevent water ingress and mold formation better than metal roofing can achieve on its own. It lets vapor travel beyond your build, so it’s the best way to handle your construction in humid Omaha weather.


Wintry weather

Winter comes with an entirely new set of challenges. Hurricane winds can dislodge shingles while sleet creates heavy ice dams. Ice and water-resistant underlayment membrane will deal with the wetter parts of the season. Rubberized shingles act as a sheath that expands and contracts without breaking.

Clay and fiberglass are excellent choices for wind-resistance. Modern asphalt shingles aren’t as delicate as they once were, so they can cope with gales of 150 miles per hour. Metal pushes that resistance up to 160. If you remove high-pitched gables and large overhangs, your roof should survive decades, even when it’s assaulted by gale-force winds.

Weather-resistant roofing is one of the best ways to protect your home from Omaha’s climate. A good system can defend more than just your ceiling. It prevents siding, wall, and foundation problems while keeping your indoor climate stable. Its effects are so dramatic they’ll pay for themselves via return on investment when it’s finally time to sell your home.

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