What to Expect When Getting a New Roof

Getting a new roof installed seems like a big project. It’s natural to worry about whether it will disrupt your life. There’s also the question of the process of choosing a new roof.

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A gleaming new roof can revolutionize your curb appeal and amplify your energy efficiency. The Value Report has found that replacements add around $18, 000 to your home’s value. That doesn’t make the prospect of a new installation any less intimidating, though.

You’ve probably had nightmares about dust, freezing nights, and the serene sound of power tools. Don’t worry. A new installation is easier than you think. Let’s look at what you can expect during the process.


Step 1: Roofing assessment

First thing’s first—let’s find out if your roof does, indeed, need to be replaced. Your friendly roofing company will inspect your existing roof to find out if you need to eradicate every layer, or whether your deck and underlayment can be preserved. This is usually carried out via both a physical and drone inspection. An assessment will tell you if:

  • Your attic is leaking.
  • Your roofing membrane has been compromised.
  • The damage is beyond repair.
  • Your flashing has failed.
  • A repair will cost almost as much as a full replacement.

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends an inspection every two years, so see it as a necessary part of home ownership. It’ll set you back an hour.


Step 2: Finding the right design

Replacing your roof gives you the opportunity to rethink your entire architecture. You can, at last, get those beautiful gables you’ve been dreaming about. You have a host of options:

  • A-frame roofs are pointed and extend to ground level. They add a charming cottage aesthetic to your home.
  • Double pitched designs have two pitches that add space and ventilation to your home.
  • Gable and Dutch gable roofs offer exceptional drainage and support from high winds. They have sloping sides that meet at a ridge.
  • Hipped roofs have gentle slopes, but no gables. They resist high winds and provide attic space.
  • Mansard roofs have four sloped sides that tilt into a gentler angle partway down. They can be decorated with dormer windows.
  • Gazebo designs have an octagonal or hexagonal shape.
  • Clerestory roofs have a vertical series of windows over two sloping sides.
  • Bonnet roofs are variated hip roofs with an overhang for UV protection.
  • Flat roofs are perfect for contemporary square architecture. They’re economical, versatile, and easy to install.
  • Shed roofs have a single slope that sheds snow and rain beautifully.

Once you’ve settled on a design, your contractor will obtain the necessary permits for your project.


Step 3: roof removal

The roof removal process usually takes four to six hours. Your roofing company will remove the entire roofing system, including the sheathing, drainage, and decking. Don’t worry. You don’t have to move out. Your contractor will place water and ice shields to keep the weather where it belongs: outside. They may place tarping over your siding for additional protection.



Step 4: Materials delivery

You can’t install a roof without all the right materials, so delivery comes next. The lifespan and energy efficiency of your roof will reward you for the rest of your life, so make sure you invest in sturdy, high-quality roofing. Cheap materials are more expensive than moderately-priced ones in the long run. They’ll rack up your utility bills, offer shorter warranties, and require frequent repairs. You’ll need to choose your:

  • Underlayment
  • Roofing membranes
  • Starter shingles and shingles
  • Ventilation system
  • Ridge capping.

Branded roof systems are designed to work together as a whole, so they’ll enhance your efficiency and longevity.


Step 5: Repairing the deck  

Before your contractor lays the underlayment, they’ll repair and reinforce your decking. Your roof is only as strong as its foundation, so this is a crucial process. While your deck is exposed, your contractor will check for water stains and diagnose damage they missed during the initial inspection.


how does roofing installation work


Step 6: Installing the roof

Your roofer will now place your drip edge, underlayment, and valley flashing. These layers keep your home watertight. Next comes the starter shingles—the layer closest to your eaves. They create yet another watertight seal that will protect your home from wind damage. Finally, the shingles can be installed, followed by the ridge cap and vents. Those little details will be coated to match the rest of your roof and home.


Step 7: Cleaning up

A reputable contractor will leave your home in the condition it was found. They’ll blow leftover debris from your roof and gutters before getting to work on the ground. The ultimate inspection will ensure that the overall project has met your fastidious standards.

Generally, you needn’t arrange alternate accommodation during your installation provided you keep your pets secure and stay away from the work zones.

If you keep the lines of communication open with your contractor, you can maximize your comfort. A replacement might be inconvenient, but it’s significantly easier than coping with the destruction wrought by a failed roof.

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