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Sliding Patio Door Features

Our patio doors have exceptional style and functionality. These custom-built sliding doors have a large glass viewing area, but provide sturdy protection from inclement weather.

1-800-HANSONS offers a variety of styles and options allowing you to  customize the door to suit your tastes.

Added Strength
Mainframe and sash feature a double-wall design and multi-chambered construction.

Energy Efficient
Patio doors come with Energy Star triple-pane glass and dual weatherstripping on the sash ensures optimal energy efficiency.

Ease of Use
Precision-engineered tandem roller system ensures easy and quiet door operation.

Weather-tight Construction
Mainframe joints incorporate closed-cell foam gaskets for superior sealing.

Never worry about your patio door again. Guaranteed.

When you choose 1-800-HANSONS to protect your home’s exterior, you get a Lifetime Guarantee that’s unmatched in the industry.

If our patio doors get damaged or leak, we’ll fix them.

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Why patio doors?

If you unclutter your living space, you unclutter your mind. This principle is fundamental to Japanese design, so it’s unsurprising that patio doors were inspired by Shoji—the translucent wooden sliding panels you find in Japan. Shoji offers more than mere simplicity, though.

The Japanese design principle of shizen says that the best architecture interacts with nature. Patio doors offer sprawling views of surrounding vistas. They might be respectable design features in themselves, but they also invite Mother Nature into your living space, and that’s equally beautiful.


What should I consider when buying patio doors?

A common design adage states that form should always follow function. The functionality and purpose of your door should be at the top of your priority list. Your doors must provide:

  • Interior and exterior space. Your measurements must make room for the door’s inswing and the furnishings on either side.
  • Functionality. Your doors might fold, swing, or slide. The door grilles, handles, palette, and line must fit the aesthetics of your property.
  • Materials. Like windows, your patio doors must include insulating features, glazing, and durable materials.
  • Window treatments. Your doors might require blinds, drapes, or door shades. These will affect your measurements, so consider them long before you even think of installation.

Let’s look at these points in more detail.


What size of patio door should I choose?

Your doors must provide ample frame width for insulation and security-conscious frames. Most patio entry points measure 36” by 81”. This requires a rough opening of around 60” by 72”. Your in or outswing will require extra room. Patio doors can open to the left or right, but if you lack the square footage, a sliding design will help you to overcome it.

Don’t be tempted to settle for standard sizes, though. A short French door will be dwarfed by a high-ceilinged room, and two panels could look disproportionate to a wide patio. Your doors affect your home uniquely, so they should be designed uniquely, too. Even so, your doors are a crucial part of your home’s insulating envelope, so they must meet strict practical standards.


What style of patio door is best?

No design feature is better than another. Your stylistic elements should be distilled according to your taste and practical goals. That said, you have three patio door options to choose from:

  • French hinged patio doors open from the middle and swing outward on either side. This makes them particularly secure, but they’re notorious for their space consumption. If you have a tiny patio in a small apartment, you might do better with a sliding design.
  • Sliding patio doors offer a classic aesthetic that conserves space. They ventilate well and provide a wide entry point.
  • Bifold patio doors are superb for homeowners who enjoy natural light from floor-to-ceiling glass. They open along up to eight panels that fold on the side. This way, you can enjoy unobstructed views and a seamless transition from indoors to out.


What materials are best for patio doors?

The glass and frame of your doors will determine the energy-efficiency of your home. Weatherproof mainframes with foam gaskets will seal you off from the weather. Best-in-class designs and precision engineering will contribute to your doors’ longevity. Your frame material is one of the most crucial fabrication choices you’ll make. Your options include:

  • Low-maintenance, energy-efficient vinyl. If you’re looking for fuss-free noise suppression, vinyl could be the door material of a lifetime.
  • Opulent wood. Nothing beats the natural beauty of timber, but it doesn’t come cheap. Its heavy upfront price and annual maintenance requirements make it one of the most expensive options on the market.
  • Slim aluminum. These elegant frames are sleek enough for contemporary homes. You’ll be able to reduce the widths of your frame for floor-to-ceiling visibility.
  • Security-conscious steel to minimize your sight liners and bolster your security.
  • Glass to introduce natural landscaping. While glass gives you unobstructed views, it requires glazing and triple-pane construction to make the most of your thermal resistance.


What window treatments are best for patio doors?

Most home owners invest in patio doors for their natural lighting and breathtaking views, but you’ll need window treatments to block out the sun on sweltering days. Vertical blinds are the most popular option because they can open along the same trajectory as your door, but drapes can achieve a warm, seamless aesthetic that accentuates your architectural features.

Your patio doors are a highly influential architectural element, so a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t do. Your doors should be customized to your style, square footage, and choice of frame.

Your installation can offer an ROI of almost 75%, so this is a remarkably intelligent investment that pays off over the long run. All those balmy barbecues and patio parties will make it all worthwhile.

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