Siding insulation and how it reduces energy loss

Today’s SIDING products are more than just elegant. They have better insulation powers than ever before.

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Vinyl siding hit the cladding market in the Roaring Sixties, and it’s been evolving ever since. If you’re building an Energy Star-qualified home, there’s no better cladding for the task. Vinyl siding’s product performance goes beyond mere R-value. It can keep your home dry and add to your curb appeal, too. Hanson’s siding takes vinyl to its greatest heights through engineering precision and manufacturing excellence.


Understanding Insulated Siding

Insulated siding is a form of thickened cladding that adds an extra layer of insulation to your home, but cladding products aren’t all made alike. Rigid vinyl achieves a better R-value than any other cladding material on the market today. Decades of extensive design and manufacturing improvements have given it more insulating power than ever before. Contemporary products meet both EPA and Energy Star applications through reduced thermal bridging and climate-specific R-values.


The Importance of Design and Engineering

Hanson’s insulated siding gives you a robust 1.5-inch insulating barrier that’s reinforced against impact damage. Our cladding is bonded during the manufacturing process, so you can wave goodbye to vinyl’s tendency to buckle. Its impressive R-value will even keep your home serenely silent by reducing exterior noise by 45%. Add Hanson’s air flow perforations to the mix, and you achieve some of the best R-values in the siding market today.


Factory Bonding

Hanson’s factory bonding process allows for a longer panel with fewer seams. This improves both insulating potential and aesthetic value. Our siding achieves a flat, tight layer that looks more authentic than ordinary vinyl cladding. This design feature offers more than just beauty. It also optimizes thermal performance by reducing voids and air gaps. Our panels are fully reinforced to reduce heavy impact damage. Your insulation will outlast the harshest of storms—for a lifetime.


The Installation Process

No home can achieve its best thermal performance without continuous insulation, so siding is an important part of the fight against chilly weather. This is expressed through your whole wall U-factor, which must combine air films, siding, structural sheathing, and framing. Vinyl siding has been found to improve air tightness by 11%, which saves you an average of 5.5% in energy costs. Water resistant barriers can add up to 8 points to your home’s HERS index, so they’re well worth the investment.

Insulated siding is only as effective as its water-resistive barriers, so Hanson’s vinyl siding achieves its effects through both siding and additional cladding. When we install it, we include a moisture and climate-resistant house wrap. This adds a lightweight protective layer between your frame and cladding—a last line of defense against air leaks and water infiltration. You can finally achieve the moisture performance your HVAC system relies on for its efficiency. Our wrap is light, so it can be installed in a flash, protecting your home from the outside in.


Curb Appeal

Vinyl is the great pretender of the architectural world. It can mimic a huge range of organic materials, so when you choose 1-800-HANSONS siding, you choose better curb appeal. Our massive range of colors is sure to inspire you, whether you’re looking for a fresh moss hue or a subtle slate. Our extra trim widths mimic wood beautifully, and our decorative crown molds are just as beautiful.


Say “Goodbye” to Siding Replacements

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