Impact resistance: why we use class 4 shingles

We offer impact-resistant shingles that can withstand winds up to 150 mph, ensuring that your roof is strong and protected.

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How Our Shingles Are Impact Resistant

Regarded as the highest level available, our Class 4 shingles come with a lifetime guarantee. They are not only impact resistant, but are also one of the best investments you can make for your home.


What are Class 4 Roof Shingles?

Shingles are made up of components such as asphalt, metal, rubber, and laminates that are mixed. The durability of these products allows them to withstand hail damage and strong winds. Since they are thicker than the other types of shingles, they maintain their strength against hailstones that are 2 inches in diameter.

The rubber component in the Class 4 roof shingles allows the hail to bounce off the roof, similar to that of a trampoline, allowing your roof protection from the damages that can be caused by such impact.


How Are Roof Shingles Classified?

For the shingles to classify as Class 4, they need to go through testing conducted at the Underwriters Laboratories and the Institute of Business and Home Safety. During the UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistant Rating test, steel balls of different sizes are released at 90 mph and from heights as high as 20 feet.

The steel balls are then dropped on the same area twice. The test determines the impact-resistance classification of the shingles, which should show that the steel balls’ impact did not crack, tear, split, fracture, or damage the shingles’ structural integrity.


What Class 4 Roof Shingles Can Offer

They extend the lifespan of your roof

Regular shingles on your roof may only last a few years, unlike Class 4 shingles that could extend the lifespan of your roof to as long as 50 years. That protection assures you that your roof will be able to tolerate powerful impacts so that it will last longer. These types of shingles also have Class A rates and will protect your home from fire.


They eliminate constant roof repairs

As strong winds and hail wear down your roof, the damage will require you to make more costly repairs than if you had started with higher quality shingles. They may cost more, but you will get your money’s worth through the years, not just to fewer repairs on your roof but also in your ventilation systems and utility costs.


They protect your home from storms

Shingles will protect your home from the heat and the cold, but in wind storms and hail storms, homes will require more substantial protection. Though not all states will require a Class 4 rating in their building code, it might still be advisable to have the highest grade installed because of the current weather shifts because of climate change.

Areas in the past that were once not prone to heat waves have experienced them in recent years. In the US alone, roof damages caused by hail storms in Texas, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Illinois occurred more than 500 times over twelve months.


They allow your insurance premiums to remain low

More than 7 million properties have been affected by hail storms in the US alone, causing $1.4 billion in damages. Investing in Class 4 roof shingles allows you to get as much as a 25% discount from some insurance companies.

Other discounts on premiums are also available, and you will also be able to keep your current rates if you have Class 4 shingles installed in your home. The value of your home goes up, and if you choose to sell your home, the new homeowners can receive an insurance discount.


hail and wind resistant shingles


Are Our Shingles Worth It?

Definitely. In the long run, you could be saving up more money if you invest in your Class 4 shingles. These are especially beneficial for homes in hail-prone areas and have higher chances of roof damage caused by storms and strong winds.

With labor costs and materials increasing yearly, it is only practical to replace your old regular shingles with higher quality ones that are meant to withstand the impact of such storms.


Hail Storms

If your area is prone to hail storms, then you know all too well the havoc it can cause. From your cars, gazebo, treehouses, and most especially your roof, the aftermath can be heart-wrenching. The damages to your roof are not easily seen until they start to affect the rest of your home.

Most times, homeowners hope the damages they can not see are not as significant and that maybe their roofs can still survive through a few more storms.

More often than not, the damages have already been done, and it is just a matter of time before the roof gives way. The advantage of having Class 4 shingles is you have the assurance that they bring.


Wind Storms

Winds can be so strong that they have many times completely blown off the roofs of houses. Often, these may not be just a shingles problem but also a poorly installed roof. Once the shingles have started falling off, these will bring in leaks and cause all sorts of interior damages.

With the water and moisture seeping in, your roof’s foundation will start to weaken, which will eventually cause other problems inside the home. Starting from the attic, mold and mildew will begin to build up until, eventually, it can affect the quality of air within the home. 

These tornadoes and smaller hurricanes cause debris to fly around, damaging anything and everything that comes in their path.

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