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Customer reviews

Excellent work and workers. They cleaned up after themselves and the windows are outstanding They have cut down a lot of noise and are easy to clean.

Chris F.

Everyone involved was knowledgeable and professional. They worked in 90 degree heat! They called several times to check on how things were progressing. The windows look great!!

County C.

These guys are great. The windows are top notch, and you can tell. The installation crew was meticulous, and the salesman was probably my favorite. He explained things clearly and was super helpful.

Sandy H.

Justin and his team did an amazing job with our house. Replacing all the windows and siding. If I had any questions or concerns Justin was always available. I would recommend them to anyone.

Jon Z.

They did everything to our expectations and were great about communication and why things were done a certain way. They are a great company to work with. Would recommend them to others and I will be using them for other work in the future.

Jennifer K.

We were kept very well updated as to the progress of our order. Installation was on schedule and our installers were fantastic. They were neat, thorough and when they were finished you would not have known that they were here – they were spotless.

Lee P.

The contractor that came to the house to do job was very professional and courteous. the sales staff was very helpful and informative

Glen B.

They were able to give us a quote and schedule our install for as soon as they were able to with the current Covid stay at home orders! Great service all around!

Mitchel M.

Install was completed within 4 hours, trash and debri gathered up and hauled away. Workers were very polite as was sales person and financing was a breeze. We will be back.

Joann F.

Find the window style that’s right for your home.

Double hung






Never worry about window replacements again.

When you choose 1-800-HANSONS to protect your home, you get a Lifetime Guarantee that’s unmatched in the industry.

If our windows get damaged, we’ll fix them.

What makes a best-in-class replacement window?


Triple-pane glass for superior energy efficiency and noise reduction.


100% vinyl frames with clean weld technology providing a perfect finish, plus an Innergy reinforcement bar for maximum durability.

Ease of cleaning & operation:

Double-operation windows with dual-action lock and a tilt system that makes cleaning a breeze.

Which replacement window is right for you?

We offer three product lines to fit the needs and budget of every homeowner.



classic window cutaway

Basic window

Double-pane glass with basic, hollow frame

Vinyl material is maintenance free

has a 0.27 U-factor

Standard climate protection

Limited parts & labor warranty

+ See All Features
Frame Vinyl
Glass Double pane
Climate coating check mark
Insulation Hollow frame
Energy efficiency .27 U-factor
Climate performance climate icon
Flush mounted lock x icon
Sound deadening x icon
Non-conductive spacer x icon
Reduced condensation x icon
Color choices limited color options icon
Guarantee LIMITED



deluxe window

Superior window with enhanced performance

Triple-pane glass with drop-foam insulated frame

Vinyl with fiberglass reinforcements

Exceeds ENERGY STAR® standards

Enhanced climate protection

Lifetime Guarantee

+ See All Features
Frame Vinyl with fiberglass reinforcements and fusion-welded corners
Glass Triple-pane
Climate coating check icon 2
Insulation Drop-foam insulated frame
Energy efficiency energy star plus icon
.23 U-factor
Climate performance climate icon 2
Flush mounted lock x icon
Sound deadening check icon 2
Non-conductive spacer check icon 2
Reduced condensation check icon 2
Color choices expanded color options
Guarantee lifetime guarantee badge



Premium window

Best-in-class window with advanced technology and design options

Triple-pane glass with a multi-cavity frame providing our lowest air infiltration

Vinyl with Innergy reinforcement bar

Rated ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient

Superior climate protection

Transferable Lifetime Guarantee

+ See All Features
Frame Vinyl with Innergy reinforcement bar and FineLine welded corners appear like mitered wood
Glass Triple-pane glass with two layers of low-e coating
Climate coating check icon 2
Insulation Multi-cavity frame, weatherstripping and seals provide our lowest air infiltration
Energy efficiency Energy-Star-Most-Efficient-2023
.20 U-factor
Climate performance frost icon
Flush mounted lock check icon 2
Sound deadening check icon 2
Non-conductive spacer check icon 2
Reduced condensation check icon 2
Color choices expanded color options
Guarantee lifetime guarantee transferable

Compare all window features

Window package
Frame Vinyl Vinyl with fiberglass reinforcements and fusion-welded corners Vinyl with Innergy reinforcement bar and FineLine welded corners appear like mitered wood
Glass Double pane Triple-pane Triple-pane glass with two layers of low-e coating
Climate coating check mark check icon 2 check icon 2
Insulation Hollow frame Drop-foam insulated frame Multi-cavity frame, weatherstripping and seals provide our lowest air infiltration
Energy efficiency .27 U-factor energy star plus icon
.23 U-factor
.20 U-factor
Climate performance climate icon climate icon 2 frost icon
Flush mounted lock x icon x icon check icon 2
Sound deadening x icon check icon 2 check icon 2
Non-conductive spacer x icon check icon 2 check icon 2
Reduced condensation x icon check icon 2 check icon 2
Color choices limited color options icon expanded color options expanded color options
Guarantee LIMITED
lifetime guarantee badge lifetime guarantee transferable
*Not all products are available in all markets. Please speak with your Certified Home Improvement Expert about specific solutions available for your home.

Explore your design options

Interior color options




Dark Oak

Classic Oak

Traditional Cherry

Exterior color options





Classic Bronze

Rustic Bronze

Tudor Brown


Sterling Gray

Forest Green

Mountain Berry

Interior color options



Dark Oak


Light Oak


Exterior color options




Architectural Bronze

American Terra


Desert Clay

Hudson Khaki

Castle Gray

Forest Green

English Red

Interior color options



Exterior color options



See the impact new windows can have on your home.

Why 1-800-HANSONS?

Got a question? We have the answer.

Why do I have drafty windows?

Drafty windows (air infiltration) have several causes. The number one cause is age. As your windows get older they will become less efficient. If you had replacement windows installed recently and they are still drafty it is possible that the installation was improper. Those defects can normally be corrected without removing or replacing the window. Proper caulking and flashing should prevent perimeter air leakage. However, if the installation twists or cracks the window frame causing the sash weatherstrip not to be able to seal the frame, removal of the window to correct the problem may be necessary.

Learn more about how to reduce draft from windows here.

Will new windows eliminate condensation?

Condensation is a direct result of interior humidity and the difference between indoor and outside temperature. If you keep the humidity in your house low, then the likelihood of experiencing condensation is also low. However, the efficiency of your window will also impact the temperature and humidity level at which condensation occurs. Energy efficient windows will help reduce condensation.

Learn more about how to prevent window condensation here.

What’s the best way to evaluate a window’s energy performance?

The easiest way to compare energy performance of different windows is to read the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label. It provides valuable efficiency information about the product including the u-value, solar heat gain and visible light transmittance values. Also check and see if the product is ENERGY STAR approved and see what it’s U-Factor is – the lower, the better.

Learn more about whether energy efficient windows make a difference here.

What is window convection?

Convection can lead you to believe that your windows are  drafty. Actually what you are experiencing is warm air forcing colder air to move due to differing density properties. When heated air circulates through the home and reaches window glass it effectively pushes existing air off the glass, thus the drafty effect.

Tips to reduce convection: Leave your blinds or windows open about a ¼ inch, allowing the heated air to reach the glass. Make sure that furnishings do not obstruct your heat register exchanges. Convection is actually proof that your new windows are energy efficient.

Learn more about how to reduce or eliminate window convection here.

Are vinyl windows better than wood windows?

Many believe that wood is timeless, but that’s not true. It requires a lot of maintenance if you want it to age well. Plus, more often than not, the maintenance won’t help – wood will still rot over time. That’s especially true if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, vinyl requires almost no maintenance.

Learn more about why you should replace wood windows with vinyl windows here.

How do I measure for replacement windows?

The most important part of replacing your old windows comes at the very start – taking measurements. The entire process cannot go smoothly unless you measure everything you’re supposed to, as that will ensure the new window has the right dimensions and that it fits perfectly in the frame. Plus, this ensures your new windows are entirely energy-efficient.

Learn more on how to measure for replacement windows here.

What is the best window replacement company near me?

This is a question that many homeowners will ask themselves if they are looking to replace their windows. And while many replacement windows may look the same, they are not all the same. There are many significant differences among products, especially in terms of quality and performance.

With that said, how will you know which replacement windows will be the best for you? Here are several steps that will put you on the right track.


Choosing the window style

There are numerous styles of replacement windows to choose from, each of which works best in a particular type of home or different rooms. You will need to make sure that these will complement and work well with each other so that you can increase both the curb appeal and value of your home.

Whether it’s single or double-hung windowscasement windowsslider windowsbay windowsbow windowspicture windowsgarden windows, among other such window styles, you should choose the ones that will work well with the house, itself.


Choosing the framing material

The next step of the process is to choose the framing material. While the window style is important, you will also have to maintain it. Window maintenance, however, is highly dependent on its framing material.

Vinyl is probably the easiest material to maintain as it’s resistant to rot, insects, and water damage. It also doesn’t warp or peel, and it doesn’t require repainting. Fiberglass is also a popular and highly versatile option. You also have wood or composite framing materials. Though they are harder to upkeep and more expensive, these materials have a certain appeal to them that neither vinyl nor fiberglass can match.


Choosing the glass

There are also several options when it comes to the type of glass you select. The type of glass will impact several things, including the temperature transfer, natural light coming into the home, and the overall comfort of your house. As such, your energy-efficiency, and by extension, your energy bills will also be affected. Among the options to choose from, there are:

  • Dual and triple pane glass – These are among the most common options of glass panes. Dual and triple pane means that there are two or three panes of glass with layers of airspace between them. These provide increased energy savings and noise reduction.
  • Low-E glass – This type of window has a thin reflecting coating on the glass, helping keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This coating will greatly lower your energy consumption throughout the year.
  • Argon gas windows– This gas is used between the glass panes to increase the thermal efficiency of the window.
  • Krypton gas windows – Similar to Argon gas, Krypton is a rare gas that’s great at increasing energy efficiency.


Choosing custom replacement windows

While it’s possible and convenient to buy windows from big box stores, you’ll be far better off if you go with a professional window replacement company. Such companies typically work with high-quality manufacturers that provide great window options. Also, you’ll get a product that will be a precise fit for your home. Keep in mind that even the smallest mismeasurement can lead to air leaks or water infiltration down the line, which are common problems with pre-made windows.

Ready to get started?

We’re ready to help transform your home with durable, energy-efficient products that can help protect your home, improve your comfort and save you money.

Our consultation includes:

  • Inspecting your home and gathering precise measurements
  • Displaying our best-in-class products and design options for you to choose from
  • Providing an immediate estimate and finance options to fit your budget


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Whether you want to upgrade the look of your home or improve its energy efficiency, 1-800-HANSONS offers the highest quality replacement windows with professional window installation.

We offer a variety of window replacement types and colors that will enhance the appearance of your home, regardless of its style. And, our best-in-class replacement windows come with a Lifetime Guarantee that is second-to-none.

Window replacement costs can vary widely. But, due to the high volume we sell, we’re able to offer lower prices than many of our competitors. And there’s no sacrificing quality – our replacement windows are manufactured with the latest technology.