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Des Moines customer reviews

All through my process there was always somebody there to answer all our questions and make sure there were no problems. Very nice and caring people. My roof looks good too and gets lots of compliments.

Cheri B.
Des Moines, Iowa

Professional and quality presentation. The sales person we received was great. Courteous and patient with all our questions. Hopefully the remaining process will be the same. Looking forward to seeing our windows in place.

Theresa G.
Des Moines, Iowa

Very impressed with their informative preview. They made me feel very comfortable and explained things in a manner that I could understand without making me feel stupid since I know nothing about roofs at all.

Paula M.
Urbandale, Iowa

Quick work and cleanup was done without any issues. One small issue with the siding, had a hole when finished, spoke with supervisor and hole was fixed on the spot. Would highly recommend and the roof looks outstanding! Will continue to do business with HANSONS!

Cameron E.
Des Moines, Iowa

Very nice people to work with. We are impressed with the windows and think that they have improved the looks of our home. I highly recommend this company for any home improvement jobs.

Jerry A.
Des Moines, Iowa

The windows are great. The crew was fantastic and a pleasure to work with since I work from home it was easy to work the entire day without having to take time off. I'm excited to see what my heating and cooling bill will look like for the rest of the year.

Deb H.
Des Moines, Iowa

These guys are great. The windows are top notch, and you can tell. The installation crew was meticulous, and the salesman was probably my favorite. He explained things clearly and was super helpful.

Sandy H.
Des Moines, Iowa

I am pleased with the final product. The contracted team was excellent, working like a well-oiled machine, with attention to detail and responsive to any questions or requests.

Mike F.
Des Moines, Iowa

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The products you need with an unmatched guarantee.

When you choose 1-800-HANSONS to protect your home’s exterior, you get a Lifetime Guarantee that’s unmatched in the industry.

If our windows break, shingles leak or siding gets damaged, we’ll fix it.

Why 1-800-HANSONS?

At 1-800-HANSONS, we pride ourselves on sourcing products that are manufactured with the latest technologies, and due to the high volume we sell, we are able to offer lower prices than many other competitors.

With a variety of best-in-class products in our showroom, your order is customized to your needs and budget. Plus, you’ll enjoy a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our products. If they break, leak or don’t perform, we’ll fix them.

Window installation in Des Moines, IA

If you’re looking for Des Moines window replacements, 1-800-HANSONS is here to help. Our best-in-class windows come with an industry-leading Lifetime Guarantee, and we pair them with the most professional window installation in Des Moines.

Installing 1-800-HANSONS replacement windows will not only improve the look of your home but will increase its energy efficiency and lower your utility costs.

Read More: Common window problems in Des Moines, Iowa

Siding installation services in Des Moines, IA

If you are deciding where to buy vinyl siding in Des Moines, choose 1-800-HANSONS. With our new vinyl siding, your Des Moines home will be the best-looking one on the block. We pride ourselves on our work, attention to detail, and state-of-the-art products and materials.

Our vinyl siding is infused with a special compound that protects it from fading, allowing it to keep its brand-new color for years to come. And, with an added layer of insulation, your home will be more energy efficient, safe from mold and mildew, and have better quality air.

When you are searching for the best “siding and gutters near me,” count on 1-800-HANSONS to provide exceptional products, expert installation, and excellent customer service.

Bath conversion in Des Moines, IA

Get the bathroom of your dreams in as little as a day. Because we’re able to custom-fit your new model into your existing space, it’s a fast, convenient and hassle-free installation process.

You pick the size, color and pattern, and we’ll give you an elegant and comfortable new shower or bathtub. Our models are stylish and safe, so you don’t have to make sacrifices to get what you want. Schedule a free estimate here.

Working with us is easy – every step of the way.

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We offer a variety of best-in-class products that provide numerous styles and colors to choose from.

Professional Installation

Our team of experts make sure your home is taken care of and the job is done right - from start to final clean up.

Ongoing Satisfaction

With every product, you receive our Lifetime Guarantee. If our windows leak, shingles break or siding gets damaged, we’ll fix it.

Residential roofing in Des Moines, IA

On severe weather days, 1-800-HANSONS customers can rest assured that they chose the best roofing company in Des Moines. If you need a roof replacement, never depend on a temporary fix or risk poor-quality work from other Des Moines roofers.

You should also never wait until a leaky roof turns into a serious problem. Even a small leak can quickly cause extensive damage to your ceilings, walls, and possessions. It can even affect the structural integrity of your entire home. Instead, choose 1-800-HANSONS for superior shingles that come with a superior guarantee.

When Mother Nature visits Iowa, she rages. Tornadoes, hail, and blizzards make frequent appearances on local weather reports. Des Moines is a particularly wet region that endures precipitation 108 days a year. Rain, sleet, and snow wreak havoc on your roofing, forming leaks and ice dams that shorten the lifespan of your shingles. With the right strategy, however, you can meet those challenges head on.


Overcoming tornados

Des Moines endures 40 to 50 stormy days each year. When tornadoes rip through the countryside, they expose your roofing to ice, rain, and flying debris. Ordinary roofing just won’t do. Tornado resistance can only be achieved with products that are built for severe weather events. Stone-coated steel shingles have a reputation for being one of the few tornado-resistant options on the market today. They can tolerate winds of 120 miles per hour.


Reducing wind grab

Your shingle placement strategy is as important to wind resistance as your materials. Metal panes can resist gale-force winds best when they interlock, overlap, and are attached in X-patterns. You needn’t swear off asphalt, though. Today’s asphalt shingles are more durable than ever before, particularly if they’re properly fastened and coated.

A single raised shingle can compromise the integrity of your entire roof, so each component should be fastened above and below the overlap. Small overlaps of an inch or less will encourage wind damage.



Blinding snow and freezing rain frequently rip through the blizzard belt, so ice dams are one of Des Moines’ worst roofing problems. When they aren’t loosening gutters and shingles, they’re warping your ceilings. Sagging and soggy insulation are the vestiges of every roofing nightmare, and that’s before mold and mildew settle in. Heated cables can certainly help, but you’ll need a more permanent solution.

Attic heat is the nemesis of the ice dam universe. If the underside of your roof surface is close to the outdoor temperature, you can relegate this problem to the past.

Ventilated eaves keep cold air in circulation while warming your roof so that snow melts away without leakage. Your system should cover a square foot of free ventilation for every 150 square feet of attic space.


Impact damage

Hail and flying debris can cause granule loss on asphalt, exposing your roofing to leaks. Rubber roofing is a practical alternative that can sustain incredible force without breaking down.

Steel is another popular solution that’s both hail-resistant and heat reflective. It can tolerate hailstones of over 1.5 inches in diameter. Add a premium coating, and you have a roof that will survive decades of Iowa storms.



De Moines’ notorious heat waves strike 40 days a year, so blistering is a common roofing problem. Inferior coating systems blister in extreme sunlight when air pockets expand between your roof’s adhesives and shingles. This creates a pathway for moisture, which in turn causes more blisters. Frequent inspections let you address the problem before it becomes catastrophic, but prevention is always preferable.

Asphalt shingle coatings are particularly prone to blisters, but new products are far more resistant. If your asphalt is reaching the end of its lifespan, a simple replacement will give you excellent results.

In days of yore, shingle ingredients were manually fitted, so bubbles were a frequent complaint. Automated technology has overcome that problem, so modern products are far less prone to over-heating.

Des Moines’ harsh climate does little for worn, eroded shingles, but there are several excellent solutions. It’s time to put roof nightmares in the past where they belong. An intelligent strategy and skilled roofing company are all you need to survive those tough autumn storms.

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