Common Window Materials

There are six main materials that windows are made of. They include wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl-clad and composite.

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Are your windows showing signs of age? Are the panes foggy, frames bent, or they just won’t open properly? There are many reasons why you could need replacement windows. If you’re thinking about getting new windows, how do you know what types are best for you? Here is a short comparison of window materials to help you decide.

Window manufacturers are always improving the quality of windows. It’s best to consult with a specialist who has the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best windows for your needs.

Criteria for Evaluating Windows

The usual process of choosing windows is to start with the type of window. When the type of window has been chosen, the material is next. Choosing a material that can withstand the type of climate where you live is important; otherwise, you’ll be replacing or repairing them more often than expected.



Aluminum windows are strong, sturdy, and secure, so they are perfect for challenging structural conditions. They are extremely durable because aluminum is nonferrous and is not susceptible to corrosion or rust, and it is also warp-resistant.

aluminum windows

On the other hand, aluminum is a thermal conductor, so it is not very energy-efficient. Aluminum is usually not utilized for residential applications, but it can be a great choice for commercial buildings.



Buyers thought that fiberglass lacked resistance to temperature and strength. However, fiberglass is now fully accepted as a vinyl alternative. Fiberglass can be painted over, providing aesthetic freedom to the owner.

fiberglass windows

It is also better for bigger windows because it can withstand stress. However, fiberglass windows have less insulation compared to vinyl windows.



Vinyl replacement windows are the most popular because they come in many different sizes and colors, and there are many styles available. They have multi-chambers that have insulating capabilities and provide energy efficiency.

vinyl windows

Vinyl is easily installed, maintenance-free, and not susceptible to degradation. Vinyl windows are also one of the most affordable options on the market.



Traditional wood windows can be gorgeous and easy to customize. Wood windows provide good insulation; they are structurally strong and energy-efficient.

wood windows

The disadvantages are the need for continual maintenance to prevent decay and warping and their price.



Vinyl-clad windows are a great option for people that love the durability and affordability of vinyl and the look of wood. They have wood interiors, while the exterior is made of vinyl. Maintenance on the outside is not necessary, and on the inside, you can stain or paint the wood to get the look you want.


Composite Frames

Composite window frames are made of composite wood products – such as laminated strand lumber and particleboard – while some can also be mixed with polymer plastics.

composite windows

These composites are stable, they have the same thermal and structural properties as conventional wood, and they have better decay and moisture resistance.


It’s essential to take your time when choosing the new windows for your home. Getting it right will improve your home’s appearance, add value to it, and make it more energy-efficient.

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