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The Benefits of Having a Micro-Mesh Gutter Guard

Without a shadow of a doubt; Denver has some of the most beautiful fall colors of any city in the United States. Since there are five different climate zones, all within a two-hour drive from downtown Denver, the fall colors extends for two months, from mid-September to mid-November.

At the higher altitudes (8,000 to 10,000 above sea level), you’ll expect to see aspens turning to gold. Later in the season, from October to mid-November, you’ll be witness to fantastic foliage colorations in the foothills and plains around Denver. This yearly spectacle of nature is a sight to see, but it also brings with it something that many homeowners dread every year – clogged gutters.

People can, of course, skip the gutter cleaning process, but they will run the risk of clogged gutters that can result in ice dams, which, in turn, can cause roof and gutter damage, water infiltration, wall damage, and even basement flooding, in some cases. Suffice to say, gutter cleaning, though annoying, is critical.

If only there were a better way. Something that could prevent gutters from becoming clogged in the first place, eliminating the need for gutter cleaning, altogether. Well, fortunately, there is. HANSONS offers gutter guards with micro-mesh technology to stop the clogging. Nothing – not even a pine needle – gets into your gutters; only the water draining from the roof.

How Do Mesh Gutter Guards Work?

These gutter covers, as sometimes called, have a fine stainless steel micro-mesh (similar to pantyhose) which will prevent everything bigger than 100 microns (half the size of a grain of sand) from entering the gutter. It’s the surface tension of the water that pulls the water through the stainless steel micro-mesh but leaves everything else behind.

It’s all in the physics, and it’s hard to picture it until you see it. When you first look at these mesh gutter guards, you’ll think that water will only flow over it. But because of the surface tension, it’s pulled through the tiny holes in the mesh. Even in the worst downpours, the mesh will suck the water into the gutter, while leaves and other debris will fall over, to the ground.

Is Micromesh the Best Gutter Guard?

To put this question into perspective, we need to understand how other gutter protection systems work. There are dozens of other leaf guard screens available. They use expanded metal, but like the majority of perforated metal or plastic products, they tend to channel the water past the gutter and onto the ground, similar to having no channels at all.

It is particularly true in the event of heavy rainstorms or downpours when the volume of water is too high, and the perforated holes of these gutter screens aren’t enough. Here, water’s surface tension works against the system, keeping the water from dripping through the holes. HANSONS’ Gutter Grate, on the other hand, has an exclusive patent-pending “inseam” that forces water into your gutter, instead of repelling it away.

Things to Look for in a Micro Mesh Gutter Guard

When you are in the market looking for such a mesh gutter guard, there are several things to look for to ensure that you’re getting the real deal and not some form of a knock-off.

  • Is the micro mesh stainless steel?
  • Is the gutter guard strong enough to last for decades? For how long will the vendor guarantee it?
  • Is the design such that it will not lift or blow away by strong wind?

Don’t spend your time cleaning out your gutters. Let our micro-mesh gutter guards do the work for you!

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