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Gutter Downspouts: Everything You Need to Know

Gutter downspouts are fundamental parts of any house’s gutter system. Without them, the drainage of rainwater and other debris would be impossible. 

In this piece, we wanted to tell you everything you need to know about them. By the end of the article, you’ll be prepared with more vital knowledge that ensures your house is safe and secure from damage caused by rainwater.

What Is a Downspout in a Gutter?

First of all, a gutter system has two essential components:

  • The gutter
  • Downspouts

The gutter is the channel that’s placed at the tip of the roofline, all-around your house. It’s made with a downward slope to ensure that the rainwater that falls from the roof gathers in it and flows downward. The gutter is emptied of water thanks to the downspouts.

The downspouts are the vertical pipes connected to the house and the gutter. Water flows from the gutter into the downspouts so it can be moved away from the house. More often than not, downspouts have extensions or something else that allows the water to move away from the foundation of the house and not gather in puddles next to the walls.

The entire gutter system is made in this way to ensure that rainwater and snowmelt don’t damage the roof, walls, the foundation of the building, and the landscape around it.

Where Should Gutter Downspouts Be Placed?

Naturally, the whole gutter system can only be successful if the downspouts are placed in the correct places. Here are some general rules you should follow for proper downspout placement: 

  • The general rule is that there needs to be a downspout for every 40 feet of the gutter. If you follow this rule, you’ll make sure that no downspout is taking in too much water. You’ll also ensure that no part of the gutter is keeping too much water at any moment.
  • Downspouts need to be emptied at least 10 feet away from the house. If you can’t ensure this with the downspout, it’s best to either relocate it or add an extension that will lead the water away from the house’s foundation.
  • If both of these options are not possible for each of the downspouts, you need to make sure that those downspouts lead the water into the municipal storm sewer or to an underground pipe.

It’s essential that the water doesn’t gather on or too close to the house. This ensures that no part of the house is damaged by moisture and mold.

How Do You Install a Gutter Downspout?

Installing gutter downspouts is not overly complicated, though it is physically daunting. You need to measure the exact length that you’ll need your downspout to be. Then you need to make it or buy it. After that, all that remains is for you to attach it to the gutter. There are many more details, of course, but it all depends on your house and gutter system.

The best option for you is to hire a professional like 1-800-HANSONS to do it for you. We can install the right features and create the perfect gutter system for your home. Contact us if you want to know more!

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