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Do Gutter Guards Work?

do gutter guards work?

If your winters are prone to gusty, rainy weather, roof debris has probably become your gutters’ worst nemesis. Twigs and leaves can clog your entire system, rendering your gutters entirely useless. These humble structures act as an umbrella for your foundation, keeping water away from your siding while preventing water damage.

Without them, your architectural infrastructure is prone to Mother Nature’s messiest attacks, so you need a tight strategy that keeps them clear and effective. Gutter guards are often hailed as the perfect way to keep nature’s trash away from your home, but they come with a host of myths and overwrought expectations.

The truth about gutter protection

Gutter guards won’t excuse you from your regular gutter-cleaning routine, much as we wish otherwise. They’ll keep large leaves and twigs at bay, but you’ll still need to clear them of smaller debris.

Of course, these handy products aren’t all made alike. The finer your mesh, the more effective it becomes. If the netting is poorly attached or easily bent, the guards themselves will buckle under the weight of uncleared snow and other objects.

Moisture can also create untold chaos, particularly if you’re relying on cheap foam guards. These inserts let water flow through the foam, trapping moisture that will turn into a mold infestation before you even have time to grab a hose pipe. Slit-based gutter protection is intended to guide rainwater beyond your siding, but it’s as prone to heavy blockages as unguarded gutters.

Effective gutter guards need a strong screen with a robust frame, so micro mesh gutter guards are slowly taking over the market. They’ve won hero status for their extruded frames, easy-flow coatings, and durable mesh. Gutter protection is at its best with a solid multi-stage frame.

Do gutter guards cause leaks?

Gutter guards have undeservedly earned a reputation for leakage. Shoddy installation practices and ineffective designs are usually to blame. Both design failures can lead to buckling and, eventually, leaks, especially when the installation company in question takes short cuts.

Hood systems will quickly render your gutters useless, preventing water from channeling away from your property. Similarly, one-piece reverse curve systems become easily blocked, so water flow is impeded. Leaks are swift to follow.

Installation techniques are more important than you might think. Some products need to be nailed via your shingles. That can weaken your entire roofing system, so always choose guards that fit your gutters to the final millimeter. Effective gutter guards will create an unimpeded channel of water while simultaneously having enough strength to resist breakage under heavy weight.  

Do gutter guards work in heavy rain?

Choppy weather and autumn leaves place extra pressure on your gutters. Gusts of wind carry extra debris to your home, and water might also slip around the guard. Weak gutter protection can’t tolerate high water volumes, let alone an extra dose of debris. The best guards don’t restrict the amount of water that can flow into your gutters, though, so look for an unrestrictive design that allows swift drainage without causing overflow.

Is there a downside to gutter guards?

A binary black and white world would make life far easier for homeowners, but home maintenance questions rarely have simple answers. Low quality gutter guards will attract:

  • Insect infestations. Bees, ants, and other creatures build their nests in damp foliage, and if your gutter guards create that kind of environment, you will soon be dealing with an infestation.
  • Mold and wood rot: Gutter guards that allow moisture to collect will eventually transform into a mold colony. Rotting wood will, in turn, attract birds, rats, and other pests. Dry rot could spread into your siding, ultimately penetrating your roof and even your attic.
  • Small debris: If your product’s mesh is too large, it won’t filter small pine needles and other debris. If your frame is weak, the guard will become concave, collecting all the debris you were hoping to channel away from your home.

High quality gutter guards will help to nullify every single one of those problems, so the question should not be “to gutter guard or not to gutter guard” but rather, “which gutter guards work?” Choose well, and you can wave goodbye to infestations and blockages of all kinds. That will give your expensive siding the defense it needs to survive winter’s worst weather.

1-800-HANSONS’ collection of powerful gutter guards will keep even the finest debris where it belongs: on the ground. We pay homage to your curb appeal through a range of exquisite colors that suit your palette.

Our multi-frame design prevents your mesh from curving under the weight of snow, so you can finally enjoy a pest and mold-free perimeter. You can finally enjoy true gutter protection and cut back on those boring afternoons spent clearing away debris.

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