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What’s the Best Paint for Vinyl Siding?

So, you want to paint the vinyl siding on your house? To do that you need specific paint, but you also need to know several other important details. 

In this article, that’s exactly what we’ll discuss. By the end of the piece, you’ll know which paint is the best for your vinyl siding and everything else you need to know before you start painting.

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Many people don’t ask this important question because they assume that vinyl siding needs to be painted from time to time. However, vinyl siding is extremely durable, and it can last for up to 50 years! During that time, you won’t have to do anything to take care of it except for occasional, small repairs. 

You don’t even have to paint it, but you can if you want to improve its look or change the color. 

What You Need to Do to Paint Vinyl Siding

Painting vinyl siding starts with choosing the color and the paint. You can select most colors, and a significant number of them will go great on the siding of a house. You only need to avoid darker colors as these can cause the siding to absorb more heat. Extreme heat leads to bubbling, warping, and peeling of the vinyl siding, which is why you should try to avoid it.

As for the paint itself, you need to be even more careful. Many paints are not designed for painting vinyl siding and can cause damage to it. You need to choose paints that are specifically made for painting vinyl siding and similar tasks. That means that the paint needs to be acrylic and vinyl-safe. These paints are perfect for vinyl as they are designed to expand as the siding expands. 

That means that all acrylic and vinyl-safe paints are the best paints for vinyl siding. However, there’s more to it than that. You still need to know how to apply it.

How to Paint Vinyl Siding

To paint vinyl siding, it’s best to apply the spray painting method. This method doesn’t only save time, but it also allows you to create a look that’s very similar to the original one the siding had when it was installed. 

Before you start, you need to cover the downspouts, windows, and doors with plastic. If you have some bushes or flowers close to the siding, use some cloth to cover them as well — the point is to make sure the paint doesn’t reach anything besides the siding. 

When you’re done with that, you should use an airless sprayer to paint the siding. Start from the top and spray from left to right, working down towards the bottom of the house. 

To make sure it looks great, you:

  • Shouldn’t stop until you reach the bottom
  • Should do the process two times
  • Should paint only on a calm day without any wind
  • Shouldn’t paint in the sun, only in the shade

Key Takeaways

So there you have it, now you know which paint is the best for vinyl siding and how to apply it. Plus, you know all the dos and don’ts when it comes to vinyl siding painting. For more information, schedule a free in-home siding demo with 1-800-HANSONS, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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