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How Gutter Guards Can Protect Your Home

gutter guards protect your home

If you want to protect your house from water damage, you will need a fully functional home gutter system. Besides protecting you from water damage, gutters can also help prevent mildew and mold from forming in your house. 

Residential roofs are usually sloped, which means the rainwater will fall off of the roof instead of forming puddles overhead. When the water falls off the roof, gutters are there to catch it.

Rain gutters will keep it from pouring onto the heads of your guests, and it will also prevent water from affecting the integrity of your home’s foundation. By redirecting water to a safer area with rain gutters, you can protect yourself from mold, water damage, and other problems caused by moisture. This can make your home more comfortable and healthier.

They prevent water damage

Without blockage, rain can flow freely from the roof, down the gutters, and to the downspouts. Any amount of moisture trapped due to clogging would sooner or later seep into other vulnerable areas of your home, including your foundation and walls, and weaken them over time.

A gutter guard helps prevent water intrusion. It isn’t enough to keep your roof leak-free and attic well-ventilated. Because gutter covers prevent clogs, every drop of water your rain gutters catch would freely flow away from your home.

You won’t need gutter cleaning

The most important role of gutter guards is keeping things out that shouldn’t be in the gutters, such as twigs, leaves, and other kinds of debris. Any homeowner performing fall roof cleaning can confirm how much of a pain these can be when they end up in the gutters.

They can even be dangerous, too – especially in the winter when they cause blockages to form that turn into ice dams. Getting a gutter guard eliminates the need to perform regular gutter cleaning while also reducing the frequency of maintenance.

Sometimes it looks like gutters catch every twig and leaf that falls from your trees. Add water to all this, and you will have a slimy mess. Clogged rain gutters are also a great breeding ground for mosquitoes, and even snakes have been known to be found in the decomposing debris. With a good gutter protection system, your gutters will be shielded from all of this. No buildup means no gutter cleaning and no unwanted pests.

 Your gutters will last longer

It’s not unusual for birds, rodents, or other animals to make their homes in uncovered gutters. Aside from the fact that you risk structural damage if you don’t get rid of these uninvited guests, their nests could also cause gutter clogging. To prevent animals from nesting in your gutters, getting a protection system is imperative.

Add the combined weight of wet leaves and other debris to this, along with backed-up water, and your gutters will surely rust and sag. A good gutter system will ensure that birds, rodents, and water all stay in their places. 

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