Exterior shutters

Freshen up your home with new exterior shutters.

Window shutters made with superior quality and realistic wood grain that’s virtually maintenance free.


What makes our shutters great

Maximum durability

Up to 21% thicker than competitor products. Reinforced design adds strength and prevents warping.

Scratch resistant

Color is infused throughout the shutter and tough, low-gloss finish resists fading and scratching.

Long-lasting colors

Baked-on lacquer finish includes advanced UV stabilizers to protect against sun, wind and rain.

Exterior window shutters

Real wood look with maximum durability makes a bold statement.

Pairing 1-800-HANSONS shutters with your new windows or siding will completely change the look of your home and elevate its curb appeal. And our shutters’ durable design—warp, crack, scratch and fade resistant—means you can enjoy their unparalleled beauty for years to come.

You can choose from louvered or raised panel styles that come in a variety of sizes and 19 colors chosen by the color experts at Sherwin-Williams®.

Louvered design
These decorative shutters were inspired by Old World style and early American homes. Their horizontal slats let in light and breezes and the woodgrain texture adds interest. Plus, they can be paired with arched tops to accent circle-top windows for added impact.

Raised panel design
Raised panel shutters add sophistication and elegance to any home. Their distinguished design was inspired by turn-of-the-century southern plantation homes. Their beauty, paired with durable construction that never splits, cracks or peels, creates an unforgettable exterior.

See the impact new shutters can have on your home.

Why 1-800-HANSONS?

All about window shutters

Window shutters are as American as white picket fences and gables. They originated before the American Civil War, and we’ve been exploring new designs ever since.

They might give your home a fairytale aesthetic, but they offer more than mere charm. They’re the great multi-taskers of the window world, and they have several roles to fulfill—to:

  • Provide privacy.
  • Block out light.
  • Guard against intrusion.
  • Add to the architecture of the home.
  • Protect your windows from the elements.


Shutter trends are always in flux. Plantation shutters have been an industry bestseller in recent years, but just a decade ago, raised panels were all the rage.

The former have appeared on American homes for centuries, but they’ve never been more popular than they are today. Whatever your tastes, shutters will boost your curb appeal and comfort.


Are window shutters necessary?

Shutters aren’t a necessity on every window—only on east and street-facing walls. They’re a poor choice for double-mulled and picture windows, and they look equally clumsy in frames that are wider than they are tall.

When it comes to household design features, there are very few “yes” or “no” answers, and shutters are no different. If weather extremes are a blight in your state, your need for full window coverage will rise.

Shutters outperform even the most robust block-out drapes, so if you’re feeling the heat, they’ll make your home more comfortable.


What are the benefits of window shutters?

Shutters have obvious aesthetic benefits, but they also offer superb light control, ventilation, and privacy. Let’s look at these features in more depth.

  • Shutter louvers are adjustable, allowing you to control light intrusion and ventilation. They’ll protect your furniture and flooring from the bleaching effects of the sun.
  • Shutters allow you to keep your windows and doors wide open without losing any privacy. The unhindered air circulation will make summer more comfortable. They also act as a thermal barrier, improving your air conditioner’s energy efficiency.
  • Aluminum security shutters are infinitely more elegant than window grilles. Architectural strength-grade aluminum can survive even the highest degree of resistance.
  • Closed louvers keep prying eyes out, and tilted louvers let a little sunlight and ventilation in.
  • Shutters are a unique selling point that can add to your property’s market value and enhance its curb appeal.


Are window shutters worth the investment?

Shutters can rack up a 75% return on investment thanks to their large collection of cost-effective benefits. Polyvinyl and wooden panels are the insulation superstars of the shutter world, providing an R-value of three to six. They’ll reduce heat loss by up to 50%, and that means a 15% saving on HVAC costs.

Their urban charm will elevate your façade and give your home a finished look. Curb appeal carries a legitimate financial value, so never underestimate the power of small details.


Which shutters provide the most benefits?

Louvered, Bermuda, and Bahama shutters offer exceptional versatility and ventilation, but airflow isn’t everything. Board and batten shutters give your home a sleek, unfussy aesthetic while adding to your insulating powers. They’re typically bucolic with vertical and horizontal cross panels. If that feels too rustic for you, raised panel shutters give you as much thermal resistance in a more elegant design.


What is the best material for shutters?

Vinyl has been an industry favorite for years. It’s lightweight, easy to customize, and highly insulating, but polypropylene is considered the best synthetic shutter on the market.

This tough, injection-molded material can achieve an authentic wooden aesthetic. Color can be infused throughout the materials, providing a vibrant, lasting surface.

All materials have their kryptonite, and polypropylene is no different. It loses mechanical strength in UV light, so it needs a tough acrylic coating.

Ply Gem shutters are 21% thicker than competing products and are reinforced to resist warping. They’re coated in UV stabilizers and are always designed with the help of color pros at Sherwin-Williams.

If you love the organic texture of wood, you needn’t worry about losing thermal insulation. Wood is an excellent barrier that’s perfect for chilly winters, but it’s prone to damage. It requires careful maintenance—something composite doesn’t require.

The latter is built from a blend of natural and synthetic materials that are highly warp-resistant. They’ll cost you more than vinyl, but they can mimic the look of authentic wood. They’re an excellent temperature regulator and are eco-friendly to boot.

Shutters are an intelligent way to improve your climate control and elevate your aesthetic appeal. They’ll pay for themselves in energy savings quickly and provide impressive accents as finishing touches.

They can be installed in a jiff, even if they’re custom-made to fit your unique windows. The next time a cold spell rushes through your neighborhood, you’ll be cozier and perhaps even a little richer.

Ready to get started?

We’re ready to help transform your home with durable, energy-efficient products that can help protect your home, improve your comfort and save you money.

Our in-home consultation includes:

  • Inspecting your home and gathering precise measurements
  • Displaying our best-in-class products and design options for you to choose from
  • Providing an immediate estimate and finance options to fit your budget


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