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What makes our gutter guards better?

Aluminum construction:

We use heavy-grade aluminum instead of plastic and glue so it can stand up to the heat and cold.

Stainless steel filter:

Our 440-micron mesh filter prevents debris build-up, corrosion and damage from extreme elements.

Triple-dip diverter:

Patented triple-dip diverter system captures almost 100% of rainwater, even during torrential downpours.

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The crew arrived on time and my gutters look wonderful! The pricing was fair and the quality was excellent. It has been six months and I just ordered gutter guards. Another great experience. Thanks Hansons!

Judy M.

Our house looks great…what was the ugliest house on the block is NOW the best looking house. We did the roof, windows, siding, and gutters. The materials used were all top notch. They made sure that everything was done to our satisfaction.

Gale S.

They listened to my needs and found a way to work with my budget to get what I need done, siding, gutters ,windows. I am so excited to see what my house is going to look like. And having a lifetime warranty is another reason I chose Hansons.

Veronica R.

1-800-HANSONS was professional and efficient in completing my home projects. They provide flexible financing options that allowed me to get the job done sooner than later. They made my dreams to get new windows and gutters come true!

Devin D.

Great service from sales, scheduling and install. Roof and gutters installed in timely manner. Everyone we interacted with were very professional. Installers did a great job.

Todd G.

Explore your color options to customize your gutters.

Adobe Cream

Antique Parchment


Cape Cod Gray

Grecian Green

Monterey Sand

Musket Brown

Natural Linen

Royal Brown

Tuscan Clay

Vintage Wicker


Terratone Bronze





Got a question? We have the answer.

Why do gutters clog?

Trees shed leaves throughout the entire year, and then more intensely in autumn; this is when a significant portion of leaves find their way onto roofs, and into the gutters and downspouts. If your house has a flat or a near-flat roof or improperly angled toward the downspouts, the drains will clog way quicker than usual. What’s even worse is that leaves and twigs stuck in gutters remain wet for extended periods of time and are later difficult to blow out. Don’t get surprised if you spot pests, mold and even birds nesting in your gutters.

How do I know if I need new gutters?

Look for the following:

  • cracks or splits of any kind.
  • Paint peeling on or around your gutters and/or flecks of orange.
  • Pools of water or signs of mildew around your home’s foundation.
  • Water damage or water marks directly beneath the gutters.
  • Gutters sag or have begun to pull away from the house
Are there different types of gutter guards?

There are many types of gutter covers for your home including: mesh, brushes, nylon and foam.

1-800-HANSONS uses a micro-mesh cloth gutter guard that strategically weaves together medical grade stainless steel to ensure nothing but water gets into your gutters.

Will gutter guards alter the appearance of my home?

No. Our gutter guards are invisible from the ground. They’re installed inside the gutter allowing them to be hidden from view.

What are ice dams?

Snow and ice are a problem that causes your gutters to clog, but not entirely. How so? While the accumulation of snow and ice on the roof is worrisome, it’s not crucial. Usually, it’s the condition of the attic that makes all the difference. If the attic ventilates poorly, it will retain more warmth and lead to excessive melting of the snow on the roof. When the snow slides onto the cold gutter, it turns into ice due to a sudden temperature change, causing the gutter to clog almost immediately. If the additional snow overflows the gutter, you may be looking into damaged walls, eaves, and foundation.

See the difference new gutters can have on your home.

Best Gutters and Gutter Guard Installation Services

If your gutters are damaged, sagging, or not working well, you need 1-800-HANSONS gutters and gutter guards for a gutter system you can depend on to guide water away from your home’s foundation.

Where some gutter companies offer gutters in standard sizes, 1-800-HANSONS gutters and gutter guards are custom-fit to your home. Our gutters are made of heavy-duty aluminum and are durable and dependable in any type of weather.

Our best-in-class gutter guards are designed to prevent sagging and divert almost 100% of rainwater, even during torrential downpours. And, when you get gutter guard installation, your gutters are guaranteed not to clog. If they do, we’ll clean them.

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