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Casement windows: features from 1-800-HANSONS

Effortless operation and smooth gliding hardware make this deluxe window model into a true high-performance product. Replace existing slider, double-hung or picture windows with European inspired replacement casement windows.

Casement windows can be used in many stand-alone configurations and are also the building blocks for most bow and bay windows.

Smooth operator
Bow end vents open effortlessly to any position for added ventilation.

Beveled design
Attractive exterior beveled frame accentuates the glass, adding aesthetic appeal to your home.

Multi-point hardware
An easy-to-reach lever activates multiple locks for a secure, weather-tight seal.

Fusion welded
Our casement windows are fusion welded for strength and better thermal performance.

Never worry about a window replacement again. Guaranteed.

When you choose 1-800-HANSONS to protect your home’s exterior, you get a Lifetime Guarantee that’s unmatched in the industry.

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Casement windows from 1-800-HANSONS: the difference

Replace old double-hung or slider windows with casements to create a fresh look, right out of the latest architectural magazines. Casement windows can dramatically enhance and modernize your home’s exterior. Besides adding elegance, this high-end window has smooth operating hardware that opens and closes with ease. Windows pivot out 90 degrees for easy cleaning from inside your home and provide increased ventilation.

Casement windows from 1-800-HANSONS are exceptionally energy-efficient, helping to lower your heating and cooling costs, increase the comfort of your home and even improve its resale value. And like all 1-800-HANSONS products, they are designed for a lifetime of performance and maintenance-freedom. Our Lifetime Guarantee is your assurance that we stand behind this promise.

Why 1-800-HANSONS?

What are casement windows?

Some windows ventilate. Others add to your curb appeal. Some maximize natural light, and others offer the versatility of a customized aesthetic.

Casement windows do everything all at once. They’re the chameleons of the window universe—versatile enough to suit any environment and sufficiently practical to fulfil all your security, safety, and insulation needs.

Casement windows were the first movable window designs in architectural history. Their hinge is their most defining characteristic. While sash windows slide open vertically, casement windows have a side crank that opens out smoothly from the side, maximizing ventilation along the way.

For that reason, they’re common in rooms that are prone to humidity. They’re easy to open, so they’re also a favorite in hard-to-reach spots behind kitchen sinks and bathtubs,. Despite their practical features, they’re elegant enough for living rooms and sun rooms.


What are the pros and cons of casement windows?

Casement windows can adopt a classic aesthetic that never goes out of fashion. They’re versatile enough for. an upper arch or springline. They can even open inwards to allow for a full screen and prevent your windows from becoming obstructive near outdoor walkways.

Whether you’re creating an elegant design for your bedroom or a rustic style for your kitchen, casement windows will adjust to your desired aesthetic. They’re also one of the most energy-efficient options on the market. They form a tight seal, so they’re considered more insulating than double-hung designs.

That doesn’t tell the whole story, of course. All window designs have their drawbacks, and casement windows are no different. Larger sizes are too heavy for a side hinge, so they’re only appropriate for kitchens, bathrooms, and smaller living areas.

You can certainly install them side by side to maximize your natural light, but they’ll never become floor-to-ceiling windows. Their hinge design is too obstructive for an air conditioner installation, and outward-opening designs can’t accommodate storm windows or screens.


Why are casement windows safer?

Casement windows close right into their frame, usually with an embedded lock. This makes them almost entirely tamper-proof. Well-installed products don’t protrude beyond the frame, so even a crowbar won’t overcome them.

You have the option of adding an auxiliary lock and impact glass to maximize your security. Your security team can also fit sensors into your frame easily.


What materials are best for casement windows?

Casement windows are typically made with an aluminum, vinyl, or timber frame. Due to their tight seal, however, vinyl is the most popular option on the market. Unlike wood, it doesn’t expand in humid weather, so your windows will close as flushly in summer as they do in the dry season.

Vinyl is energy-efficient and capable of accommodating a range of pigments. Better yet, it can be welded at the corners to achieve a clean seal.

Hybrid fusion frames are another option that combines metals and vinyl. You’ll enjoy the extra strength of galvanized steel and the solidness of aluminum. This is coated in composite vinyl.


How do I get the most out of my casement windows?

No window is ever perfect, but if you customize it well, you can achieve greatness. A perfect casement window has:

  • Low-E-coated glass.
  • Double or triple panes filled with inert gas to improve thermal efficiency.
  • A reinforced frame.
  • Custom grill patterns that suit your home’s architecture and décor.

Casement windows are an airy, elegant addition that can adapt to any architectural style and configuration. If you’re tired of soaring utility bills and unreliable climate control, they’re a practical solution that can last decades.

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