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Why Do Gutters Clog?

why do gutters clog

If you are a house owner or you are just renting a house, you must have faced the problem of clogged gutters at least once. The truth is, understanding the real reason behind clogged drains isn’t all that complicated. The short answer to why gutters clog would be – because, for the most part, they are flawed; however, we’ll delve a little deeper to see the real background:

Trees Are the Main Problem

Although living surrounded with trees is terrific for your peace of mind (and your health!), you’ll hardly be able to keep that peace of mind in check when the time comes to clear out your gutters. Why? Your home’s proximity to trees may be the primary cause of rain gutter clogging.

Trees shed leaves throughout the entire year, and then more intensely in autumn; this is when a significant portion of leaves find their way onto roofs, and into the gutters and downspouts. If your house has a flat or a near-flat roof or improperly angled toward the downspouts, the drains will clog way quicker than usual. What’s even worse is that leaves and twigs stuck in gutters remain wet for extended periods of time and are later difficult to blow out. Don’t get surprised if you spot pests, mold and even birds nesting in your gutters.

Then Comes the Snow and Ice

Snow and ice are a problem that causes your gutters to clog, but not entirely. How so? While the accumulation of snow and ice on the roof is worrisome, it’s not crucial. Usually, it’s the condition of the attic that makes all the difference. If the attic ventilates poorly, it will retain more warmth and lead to excessive melting of the snow on the roof. When the snow slides onto the cold gutter, it turns into ice due to a sudden temperature change, causing the gutter to clog almost immediately. If the additional snow overflows the gutter, you may be looking into damaged walls, eaves, and foundation.

It’s Not All Nature’s Fault

Modern gutters suffer a significant issue called: disproportion. Let us explain: gutters are, necessarily, drains mounted to our homes, and when massive drains pour into a smaller drain, that’s where you get into trouble. If we consider that a standard 5-inch gutter holds about 36 gallons of water at one time, there are plenty of opportunities present for solid debris to deposit itself along the channel or downspout. Additionally, there could be another issue of your problem: poor construction! Poorly constructed and improperly installed gutters block the natural flow of water, which leads to trapping more debris, resulting in heavy gutter clogs.

Think Professional Gutter Guards

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