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Essential Benefits of Clean Gutters

clean gutters

A good house cleaning is in order for all of us, and that includes our gutters. Clean gutters are essential, as this system is responsible for diverting water away from your home, stalling soil erosion, and keeping outdoor items like patios and furniture free of staining. But, these are only three of the reasons why gutter cleaning is a necessary task for every homeowner. If you’re tired of manually cleaning your gutters, 1-800-HANSONS has the product for you.

Gutter cleaning keeps water out of your basement

In homes that have basements, owners are always on the lookout for signs of moisture. Basements are prone to excess moisture because of their underground location. Moisture sparks the concern of mold growth, which is dangerous to your health and deteriorates property.

By cleaning your gutters, the water from heavy rainfall has space to flow away from the home instead of pooling around the foundation. Excessive groundwater works its way into basements when it can’t flow through a clogged gutter. With the help of a clean gutter, that water is channeled away to the proper drainage system.

Gutter cleaning keeps pests away

Because items like leaves, twigs, and dirt find their way into gutters, a bird or other critter has all of the makings of a permanent home. Birds, rats, mice, or even insects have no place in your gutter system. Speaking specifically of rodents, these creatures can burrow into your home from the attic or roof and eat away at wires and other home components. Pests carry diseases and quickly make a mess of things, but they can be prevented by routinely cleaning your gutters.

Clean gutters protect your roof

Your roof faces the brunt of any weather, so it needs to stay in good condition. Having clean gutters can even help you there, too. During the winter, clogged gutters trap water and snow, which only adds weight when it freezes. This extra weight on your roof can lead to collapse, especially in old homes. Additionally, rainwater that freezes in between your shingles can lead to leaks if it can’t flow away normally. Water in your attic is a worst case scenario that clean gutters can help prevent.

Have gutter guards installed by 1-800-HANSONS

Our gutter guard system prevents any debris larger than a ½ grain of sand from entering your gutter. Nothing but water will flow through when we’re finished. They’re made to match homes, and have a labor and material guarantee. If you’re tired of getting up on the ladder, request a free estimate from 1-800-HANSONS today.

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