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5 Things That Can Get Stuck in Your Gutters

things that get stuck in gutters

Gutters require consistent upkeep. Without it, they tend to accumulate leaves, dirt and other debris. This is detrimental when you experience heavy rainfall, which is on the radar as we move into the spring and summer months. We experience the highest amounts of precipitation during May, June and July, and a full gutter will lead to water damage when rainwater has nowhere to go. Here are five things you’ll find in your gutters and why you should consider a gutter guards.

Things that could get stuck in your gutters include:

1) Silt deposits, mud and sediment

Homeowners often find silt, dirt and mud in their gutters. When dry dirt accumulates and gets wet in the rain, it becomes thick mud that weighs on the gutter and creates a barrier, preventing draining water from flowing away from the property. Rocks and pieces of sediment can also find their way into gutters, keeping water from draining properly.

2) Plants

Gutters that aren’t regularly cleaned can eventually become the perfect plant box. When soil and dirt are continually exposed to moisture and sunlight, weeds, moss or grass may begin to sprout.

3) Leaves

You may be lucky to have a variety of deciduous trees. While they’re beautiful, they also frequently shed their leaves. These leaves can pile up in gutters and compact over time. Much like mud, they must be regularly removed from gutters to prevent “clogs.”

4) Nests

Birds often find gutters to be a cozy place to set up a nest when it’s time to lay their eggs. That can be problematic, both for you and for them, during a rainstorm. Squirrels and other rodents also make their homes in gutters, which may eventually allow them access into your property.

5) Toys

Children’s toys are also frequently found in gutters. From tennis balls to frisbees, these items can block water drainage and lead to water entering your home, so remove them right away.

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