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Double Hung Window Installation

double hung window installation

Double-Hung windows have two operating sashes that slide up and down, which means they provide ventilation on the top, bottom, or both. They make cleaning easy from inside your home and stay flush with the wall, which makes them perfect for patios or walkways.

the anatomy of a window

Take Measurements

Try to order a new window two to four weeks before the planned installation.

To order a replacement window, you need to get exact measurements from the old Double-hung window. They are often not level or plumb, so that you will need four different measurements.

To get the right width of the new sash, you need to measure at the underside, center, and top of the window in the frame, while the narrowest measurement will determine the width that’s needed for the new window

Next, take measurements of the height inside the window. This will be the height of your new window.

Remove the Inside Stop and the Bottom Sash 

First, you need to remove the Inside stop and the Bottom sash.

If you don’t think you can remove the old window and install the new one in one day, make sure to get a piece of plywood that would cover the window area where you’ve taken your old window out. Remove the inner stop from the side jambs using a chisel and hammer, and then remove the Bottom sash.

Take out the Center Stop and Top Sash

Remove the middle stop and the top sash. Tear out the weather stripping using a utility knife and the back of a hammer. If you have an older window, take out the old pulleys, remove the old sash weights, and then cut the ropes.

Install the New Top Sash

Dry-fit the top sash of the window and secure it by screwing the top brackets into the window frame and the sash. Make the holes if necessary.

Install the Brackets

Install the first bracket about 4″ down from the top on both sides. Then you can put the bottom bracket 2″ up from the bottom of the top sash on one side. Screw in the other bracket halfway between the top and the bottom bracket.

Install the Lower Sash Filler Blocks

Stick the lower sash filler blocks to the frame under the top sash with a nail gun. These blocks should fix the top sash in place.

Install the Jamb Liners

Take measurements and cut the jamb liners so that they fit the window frame. The jamb liners make it possible for the lower sash to be raised up and down.

Screw-in the Jamb Liners Brackets on Both of Sides

Place the jamb liners tightly against the frame and parallel to the lower sash filler blocks. Snap-in the jamb liners on both of the sides, then install the Lower Sash by moving the pivot pin into the groove of the jamb liner. Then snap it into the sash to balance on each of the sides. Now lift the lower sash into place and test how the window works.

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