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How to Measure for Replacement Windows

How to Measure for Replacement Windows

Let’s take a look at what you need to do to properly measure for replacement windows:

The most important part of replacing your old windows comes at the very start – taking measurements. The entire process cannot go smoothly unless you measure everything you’re supposed to, as that will ensure the new window has the right dimensions and that it fits perfectly in the frame. Plus, this ensures your new windows are entirely energy-efficient.

Replacing windows is important. If they are damaged or not sufficiently energy-efficient, you should get them replaced. However, replacing windows entails several important things outside of the act itself. 

Check the Status of the Frame

Before you start taking the measurements, you need to inspect the frame. If it’s rotten in some areas or has some other form of damage, you will first have to repair or change it. Otherwise, your replacement windows won’t do you much good.

Which Measurements to Take

When measuring for replacement windows, it’s vital to be accurate and thorough. The measurements you need to take are:

  • Horizontal measurements – from side to side in three different areas, as that will ensure you have the correct measurement. Make sure you position the tape against the window jamb on both sides to get the exact measurements.
  • Vertical measurements – from top to bottom and in three places as before. You’ll have to start at the head jamb and end at the bottom sill. To access the sill, you’ll have to open the window. Note the smallest measurement.
  • Depth measurement – measure from the outside to the inside edge of the frame in several places. Then, note the smallest measurement. The depth measurement doesn’t affect the whole process by much, as most windows have similar depth. Only if you have a mobile or a modular home can the depth of your windows pose a problem for the whole replacement process.
  • Check if the window is a square by measuring diagonally in both directions. If the two numbers are 1/4 of an inch from each other or less, then you can get a replacement window. However, if they’re not, you’ll have to get a new construction window.

Next Steps

When you’re done, you will also need to round down the numbers. Each smallest measurement you’ve taken needs to be rounded down to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. If they already measure to an eighth of an inch, you don’t have to change them. The numbers you obtain in the end are the ones you’ll use when you finally order the replacement windows. 

If you do everything right, you’ll be able to get the right windows in the first go and save both time and money.

Key Takeaways

As you can see, how to measure for replacement windows is not hard, but it’s important to follow the advice we’ve provided here and to ensure that you’re accurate and thorough in all of your measurements.

By doing everything right, you’ll be able to order a high-quality replacement window that will fit perfectly into the frame. If you require any more advice, or you want to hire replacement window professionals, contact 1-800-HANSONS. You can also schedule a free demonstration here.

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