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Kitchen garden windows are experiencing a bold resurgence. The last time they made an appearance in the décor scene, Batman Returns was still on the film circuit and Bill Clinton was still battling Al Gore. Décor has changed a lot since then. Modern kitchens lean towards natural shapes and textures.

Vintage blends are all the rage, and open storage has become a décor feature in its own right. In the Nineties, kitchens had two primary jobs: To support food preparation and look good while doing so. Today’s kitchens are built around a holistic lifestyle. They’re entertainment hubs that contribute to quality of life, so it’s unsurprising that garden windows are on trend again.

What is a kitchen garden window?

Kitchen garden windows are typically placed above the kitchen sink. They rely on three-dimensional glass and a reinforced shelf that functions as a tiny greenhouse. Most homeowners use the space to grow herbs to add nuance to their cooking. This is an economical home addition that adds light and lushness to your kitchen.

Most designs have an opaque, flat shelf and an angled glass roof, but don’t feel you have to defer to tradition. You’re free to choose curvaceous designs with bay frames or even floor-to-ceiling options. Some designs allow you to open all sides of the window, and some don’t open at all. Some have a cabinet door to achieve a sleek finish, while others keep plants as the focal point. Don’t be afraid to be creative. This is your home, and you get to decorate it your way. There are a few basic models you can use as inspiration:

  • Traditional bay windows project from your space in panels, with two side panels acting as enclosures.
  • Multi-pane products use more than one set of windows that fit together into an arched opening.
  • Casement windows can be used along the side of your garden window.
  • Dormer garden windows project from a low-sloping roof.
  • Clerestory windows swing on pulleys.
  • Vinyl frames are popular because their thermal performance and condensation resistance are perfect for encouraging growth.
  • Frosted and faux stained glass will give shade plants like chervil and cilantro the conditions they need to thrive.

How to decorate a kitchen garden window

Your approach to decorating your garden windows is as important as its architectural design. Potted herbs might be popular, but that doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself to parsley and sage. The shelf can double as its own pot—an aesthetic that’s perfect if you love lush, overgrown foliage.

If you don’t want to grow your own herbs, you can still build a garden window that inspires you. This space is perfect for displaying your favorite crockery or flowers, but don’t forget your window treatments. A simple blind is the finishing touch that will draw focus to your indoor garden.

Are garden windows outdated?

Indoor gardens sneaked into several Decorex exhibits this year. The green revolution has arrived, and garden windows are resurging in its wake. Homegrown herbs have become a firm favorite among homeowners, so a few extra shelves go a long way. A new bay window will upgrade your kitchen and take its elegance to a new level. This is a statement piece that’s unlikely to date.

Where to buy kitchen garden windows?

DIY fans can buy garden windows at any good hardware store, but you might need to pay a little extra to handle the installation on your own. Window installation professionals often have access to better materials and cheaper prices. A custom garden window replacement will keep your R-value where it needs to be and give your new garden its best odds of success.

How much will a kitchen garden window cost?

Garden style windows usually cost US$1, 000 to $4, 000, but your choice of size and materials could push your price out of that range. The hardware itself is relatively affordable, but the installation is challenging, so it will tip the balance. Labor costs should average out at $38 an hour.

Large bay windows will take 10 hours to install, but if you have a professional team, you can cut that time in half. Your laborers will need to measure and inspect your materials before cutting and bending them to size. Once they’ve prepared the hardware, they will proceed with installation. Garden windows offer a return on investment of 71% to 78%–one of the highest ROIs in the residential renovation market.

If you’re wondering where to buy garden windows, you’ve clicked into the right site. We’ll add a bold signature to your kitchen without ignoring its practical features. The best products must do more than just look gorgeous. They must operate effortlessly, provide ventilation, and include triple-pane glass for noise reduction. It’s time to awaken your inner Dan Pearson.

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