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Common Window Problems in Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls, South Dakota window problems

Sioux Falls transforms into a winter wonderland every January, but those icy temperatures and snowy weather are more than just beautiful—they’re destructive as well. When temperatures drop below freezing, your property expands, contracts, cracks, and leaks. Condensate intrudes into your infrastructure, inviting mold and infestation. Your HVAC system must work overtime to achieve its target temperature, so if your home isn’t insulated, you’ll feel the consequences on your utility bills.

Sioux Falls’ summers are no better. Excessive drying can shift your foundation which, in turn, can crack the mortar that keeps your infrastructure in place. Thermal expansion cracks window pains and glass panels so, by the time winter comes around again, contraction causes even more destruction.

Cold air leaks, water damage, and indoor icing wear your frames and cladding down, so if you’ve lived in Sioux Falls for a few seasons, your windows probably look a little worse for wear.

Water Leakage and Damage

Ice melt is exceptionally talented at causing leaks. It thaws at a slow pace, so condensate intrudes far more efficiently than rain. All of that extra moisture sneaks through your window frame, beyond your sills, and into your walls. When outdoor cold meets interior warmth, damage is almost guaranteed.

To prevent the problem, you need thermal resistance. Low-emissivity, triple-pane glass prevents condensate while simultaneously reflecting heat back into your house. Triple or even five-pane low-E glass can be filled with argon gas to achieve even more impressive effects.

Leaky Frames

If you have wood or dated aluminum frames, your winter leaks will be particularly severe. Poor quality or unclad windows will reduce your U-factor and thermal resistance.  An insulating strip can be fitted between exterior and interior frames to resolve the problem.

Composites and modern aluminum frames are another solution with excellent moisture and decay resistance, but fiberglass and insulated vinyl are equally popular. Both are excellent thermal performers that build air cavities into your window structure. Wood has relatively poor insulating powers, but cladding can help you to achieve the aesthetic without the disadvantages.

Summer Sunshine

Sioux Falls Summers often push temperatures up to 109 degrees. Heatwaves can be life-threatening, so high-performance windows are more than just architecturally robust. They’re an important part of your health. Your panes and cladding need to resist thermal energy on two fronts: by reducing solar gain and UV intrusion.

Low-E glass takes care of both issues, but solar gain requires extra layers of protection. A single pane of glass will do little for your air conditioner’s efficacy. By adding just one extra pane, you can block 90% of UV rays. Thanks to innovative designers, four-pane glass has finally become possible.

Spectrally selective coatings filter up to 70% of heat without reducing light transmission, so you needn’t let go of your natural sunlight. You’ll feel the effects of insulating windows in all seasons because glazing warms your home in winter and cools it in summer.

Resisting Heat Damage

Dry winds and extreme sunlight wreak havoc on your windows. When the heat isn’t twisting and warping your frames, sunlight and wind are bleaching them and causing cracks. While sunscreens can provide excellent protection, natural UV resistance will always outlast coatings. Vinyl is relatively warp-resistant, but it provides no guarantees. Metal and aluminum are good alternatives that keep their shape and color in intense sunlight.

When you eliminate air leaks and heat transfer, you dial up your HVAC system’s efficacy and dial down your utility bills. The right windows are easy on maintenance, as well, so they’ll leave you with fewer repair bills. Now that’s convenience!

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