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Are Triple Pane Windows Better?

If you are considering making any home improvements, replacement windows are a great option because they provide a high return on investment. Triple pane windows are perfect for those living in a harsh, cold climate and will provide a level of sound insulation. You can expect increased home comfort and consistent savings on utilities ahead.

At 1-800-HANSONS, we understand how frustrating it can be to get overwhelmed with a variety of options for replacement windows. We offer replacement windows and installation to help you simplify the entire process and guide you towards an optimal choice for your weather requirements, home style, and architecture.

Energy Efficiency

If you are living in a harsh climate, then triple pane windows will definitely make your life more comfortable. In colder areas, it is recommended to install at least double pane windows, but even they aren’t that efficient in some climate areas. Triple pane windows are highly energy-efficient, meaning that they keep the heat out during hot summer days and keep the heat in during the winter. When compared to single-pane glass, these windows are about 50% better at insulating your home, and about 25% better than double pane glass. The benefits? Reduced heating/cooling costs, no shivering in your bedroom at night, and no more sweating when the sun hits while you’re sitting on the couch.

Reduced Condensation on Glass

Dew point is the temperature for a given relative humidity at which water vapor in the air condenses on surfaces. Our high-quality triple pane windows stand a better chance at reducing condensation. Condensation will occur when the surface temperature of the interior glass pane is below the dew point. The dew point depends on relative humidity and temperature. When the insulation of the window is better, the temperature of the interior pane surface will be higher. That way, the airborne vapor is less likely to condense on the glass.


If there’s one thing that ENERGY STAR® performance ratings don’t take into consideration, it’s how soundproof the windows are. But many customers who buy new vinyl windows feel that their windows transmit more sound than the older ones. If you’re living in a busy area, this can be a serious problem. Triple pane windows are naturally more soundproof, thanks to the extra pane of glass. Also, the use of Insulating Glass Unit (or IG Unit) between glazings is another factor that contributes to reduced sound transmission. This helps reduce outside noise and improves the efficiency of insulated glass.

With triple pane windows in your home, you will see an increased amount of light entering your home. That can make your home appear more spacious and brighter. Another benefit of these windows is increased safety. It is much harder to break through three panes of glass. This means that your triple pane windows are much stronger in case of an attempted break-in or earthquake.

We at 1-800-HANSONS offer high-quality triple pane vinyl windows that will increase your home’s energy efficiency, reducing your heating bill up to 55%. We assure you that it is possible to get triple pane windows that can fit in perfectly with your home’s style. And at a price that fits your budget. Also, we offer an unlimited lifetime warranty! Feel free to contact us for a free estimate on your window needs.

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