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bath conversion ideas

Today’s showers and tubs can offer the full spa experience replete with jet steam technology, LED light therapy, and gentle rain showerheads. Modern tubs are no less luxurious. Their designs have evolved so dramatically that you can enjoy water jet features and bubbles in your own home. Tub and shower conversions are more exciting than ever before, but if you need some inspiration, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Create a tub room

If you’re removing a shower and have plenty of floor space, there’s no reason to push your new tub against a wall. A freestanding tub can be placed right in the middle of the room, creating a stunning focal point that will smother you in luxury. This year’s decorators have been using columns and draperies around mid-placed bathtubs, providing extra privacy and a much-needed sense of drama.

Retrofit for a shower/tub unit

You don’t have to do away with your shower when you add a new tub. Retrofitted plumbing allows you to hold onto your old bathtub and create new shower plumbing over the fixture. A splash of copper and a cheerful shower curtain will give your new bath/shower combo a sense of rustic charm. If you prefer a sleeker space, a slick glass door or walk-in shower design will add contemporary flair.

The marketplace is crammed with sparkling diverter handles with luxury showerhead systems. Wet room layouts provide even more room for creativity. A few well-placed showerheads next to your tub will remove the need for a diverter while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both a tub and a shower.

Consider a steam shower

If you’re performing a tub to shower conversion, you might miss the luxury of a good soak. A steam shower will fill that need while making judicious use of your space. Massage jets and acupressure features can combine with digital control panels, giving you a set up so cutting edge it seems to have leapt straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Create a sense of space with an over-sized shower

Tubs take up more than their share of square footage, but they also add clutter. If you’re looking to create a sense of spaciousness, a glass door shower till create the uninterrupted lines you need to improve your aesthetic. This is an economical way to refresh a cluttered room. A floating vanity and a slim profile toilet are the perfect additions for revolutionizing your space.

Use your conversion as an ageing-in-place upgrade

If you’re performing a conversion in a space you’ll be using for the rest of your life, it might be time to start considering accessibility. ADA showers are sleek and uncluttered, so they’re a worthwhile investment if you’re nearing your post-retirement years. This way, you can gain the benefits of two conversions for the price of one.

Use up your room length with a double shower

If your bathroom is longer than its own width, your new shower will need to create a sense of balance. A single corner shower can narrow and emphasize the length of a rectangular room. A double-headed frameless design could resolve the problem by using your square footage more efficiently.

Consider a pivot door

Shower doors are the bane of the bathroom world. They require square footage that’s difficult to justify, particularly if your bathroom is small. Pivot doors can open inward and outward, so you can configure them to your floor space and layout. Alternatively, you can use a fixed glass panel and remove the door entirely. If your shower head is correctly positioned, splashing will be minimal, but it’s best to waterproof your shower surrounds with tiles.

Build outward

Why let your outer walls limit you when you have plenty of landscaping space beyond them? Extending your bathroom requires a significant investment, but if you’re struggling with the size of this space, it might be worthwhile. It allows you to install a walk-in shower without consuming an inch of your square footage. You can even use your fixed shower knee wall for your vanity.

Create extra light

A tub to shower conversion creates interesting opportunities for the wall beyond your existing bathtub. You can finally invest in that floor-to-ceiling window you’ve always dreamed of. Replacing your wall with privacy-screened glass will invite in extra sunlight while showing off your lush landscaping from your interior. This is one of the most effective ways to create the illusion of space, so it’s perfect for dark, cluttered bathrooms.

Tub and shower conversions have a dramatic impact on your space. They’ll add a contemporary aesthetic and improve your ease of access. Perhaps more importantly, they’re profitable. They carry an average return on investment of 64% while improving the overall value of your property.

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