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Shower Installation: What to Expect

shower installation: what to expect

The average person spends 12,000 hours in the shower before they shuffle off their mortal coils. Ever since the first shower was patented in 1757, almost 60% of Americans have chosen the shower over the humble bath. It’s been proven to soothe anxiety and increase productivity, so a new installation will provide more benefits than you might think. Let’s find out what you can expect from a typical shower installation remodeling project.

Finding the perfect design

The first step to the perfect shower installation is, of course, choosing a design that makes your heart sing. A good installation company will assess your current bathroom layout and square footage to determine how much decorative leeway you have. You can choose to rearrange your fixtures to make room for a walk-in design, but if you’re on a budget, you’ll need to take a more conservative approach to your choices.

Even so, there are plenty of inspirational options on the market with small footprints. You’ll need to decide whether you want a pocket-friendly prefab kit or a custom model. Whether you choose smart, digital, or electric shower, your installer will check your hot water source and water pressure to make sure they can accommodate your chosen technology. Your technician might suggest a new water heater to suit your new plumbing, but if you’re trying to minimize your renovation scope, you can choose less demanding fixtures.

Demolishing existing fixtures

Demolishing and disposing of bathroom fixtures will help you to gain square footage. If you’re attempting a bath-to-shower conversion, your installer will remove your tub and turn off your water mains. Be sure to put a pot of coffee and bottled water aside to keep you hydrated. Next, your team will bleed the water pressure from the lines and remove the overflow and stopper assembly.

Setting the stage

Before your new shower can make an appearance, your team will ensure that the drainpipe is correctly positioned and cemented into place. You might need new wall framing to make room for your shower configuration. You may also need a new wallboard and shower pan. If you’re installing special lighting, this is when an electrician will wire it.

The installation

Your team will now install the shower walls. They’ll create the frame, cement the base, and prepare the studs for your plumbing fixtures. The cement backerboard will now be caulked and tiled. Once your spray heads, faucets, and other fixtures are in place, your team will fit glass wall panels if required. They’ll also need to install the shower door.

Getting the service you deserve

Home renovations can be stressful, but an exceptional installation team will minimize your inconvenience. They’ll achieve their deadline and leave your property as clean as they found it. They’ll also treat your family with the utmost courtesy. You can’t put a price on old fashioned values, but they certainly make the process much easier.

How long does it take?

The average shower installation takes two to five days, but your timeline will be determined by whether you choose a prefabricated or custom design. The latter will require anything from a few days to a few weeks to prepare. If you’ve ordered materials that need to be sourced or imported, factor it into your schedule. Similarly, if you’ve selected complex tile configurations, you’ll need to prepare for a longer timeline.

What does it cost?

A good installation company will help you to cut costs through creative usage of existing features and plumbing. Grout-free wall panels can also leave more cash in your pocket while making your new shower easier to clean. Be realistic with your budget, though. Nobody can provide a blue granite design at a prefabricated ceramics price, so if you’re hunting for savings, work with your installer to find details you can pinch pennies over.

How can you ensure a successful project?

Your installation team can only create your dream shower with your input. It’s important to define your practical needs, budget, and aesthetic preferences. The better you understand your own mind, the happier your service provider can make you.

When you meet with your installation team for the first time, make sure you have plenty of examples that inspire you. Visit showrooms. Scroll Pinterest. Page through magazines until you have a clear image of your ideal aesthetic.

A midrange shower installation can offer a return on investment of 60%. Upscale designs offer a slightly lower ROI of 55% while simultaneously adding to your home value. This is both a practical and luxurious renovation that will reward you every morning when you turn on the faucet.

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