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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Bathtub

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The modern bathroom has evolved into a tranquil haven replete with air tubs, radiant heating, and body sprays. If you’re still trying to eke out a few more years from your eighties bath, you’re missing out. Today’s spectacular designs are well worth the investment. You don’t have to go to the local spa when you can enjoy hydrotherapy in your own home, so it might be time for an upgrade. Let’s find out if it’s time to replace this luscious bathroom feature.

You might need a replacement bathtub if:

Your bath has reached the end of its lifespan

The average bath needs replacement every 10 to 30 years, with porcelain-enamel products offering the longest lifespan. Towards the end of that period, gaps and cracks will appear, ultimately leading to leaks.

Water is one of nature’s most destructive elements, so even a subtle leak needs immediate attention. When water pools on your tiles, your grouting will eventually start wearing away. Hairline cracks can also lead to rust and toxic mold infestations. The latter may worsen the symptoms of respiratory illness while triggering allergic reactions and headaches.

These problems often require expensive solutions, but there’s a rule of thumb that can help you to decide between repair and replacement. If your tub has achieved half of its lifespan and the repair costs half the price of a new bath, a replacement will be cheaper in the long run.

Bathroom remodels offer a return on investment of 70%. That means your savings will come with a financial windfall when you ultimately decide to sell your home.

Your drain is leaking

A leaky drain can cause waterlogging that spreads all the way underneath your tub, particularly if your drain assembly has a failing seal. You can test your leak by running a bath and leaving the plug in place for several hours. If your water level drops and you see pooling on your floor, you can blame your leak on the plug or seal.

If the water level sustains itself, your leak is occurring deeper along your drainage path. Alcove tubs experience different symptoms. Peeling paint, rot, loose tiles, and curled flooring are red flags. If your problem is minor, you might get away with a pipe and flooring replacement, but if you have an extensive leak, a tub replacement might be less expensive than frequent repairs.

Your surface is stained

Some tub materials grow porous after years of maltreatment with abrasive chemicals. Once your fixture’s glossy surface has worn down, cleaning becomes well-nigh impossible. If you’ve inherited a refinished bath, you might see peeling and flaking instead of immovable grime.

A porcelain sealer will only give you five years of usage at 10% of the cost of a replacement—a windfall worthy of respect. That said, if your tub has developed additional signs of wear, resurfacing will be inadequate and pricey.

You need extra access

If one of your family members has developed a disability, you’ll need to improve your tub’s accessibility. Grab bars and nonslip mats are helpful but inadequate on their own. Walk-in, inward opening doors offer much-needed independence to elderly or disabled users. Low thresholds can even provide wheelchair access.

Your bath can also play a role in pain control. Hydrotherapy can rehabilitate injuries and soothe aching muscles, so a brand-new spa bath can offer important quality of life improvements. Now all you need are touchless faucets, built-in seating, and an extended ledge.

You use your bath every day, so it should provide functionality that suits you, particularly if you’re dealing with a chronic health condition. Bathing injuries cause 70 deaths and 100 drownings every year. Make sure your family doesn’t become part of that statistic by adjusting your bath’s safety features.

You want to improve your bathroom experience

Who says you’re only allowed to renovate for practical reasons? A modern tub upgrade will turn your bathroom into your own personal spa. Whirlpool jet systems are no longer limited to spa baths. Many luxury tubs have massage jets, Bluetooth speakers, and chronotherapy lighting. These are the Ferraris of the bathroom world, and they’re well worth the investment.

Of course, luxury bathtubs will reinvent your aesthetic as well, whether you choose a copper bateau, marble surface, or rustic tin design. Your tub is one of your bathroom’s most noticeable features, so a replacement can have a drastic impact on your interior design. A statement piece will give you fashion relevance and unyielding beauty.

Homeowners often assume that renovations are cheaper than replacements, but that’s not always the case. When you’re comparing costs, don’t forget the maintenance that’s waiting in your future. If your tub will need several repairs over the next five years, a glossy new installation could save you more than a few pennies.

Need help with a tub replacement? Schedule a free estimate with 1-800-HANSONS here.

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