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Why You Should Replace Wood Windows with Vinyl Windows

Replacing Wood Windows with Vinyl Windows

As you probably already know, vinyl is the most popular material in windows today. It’s perfectly understandable when you consider how much better it is than many other materials. However, many homes do not have vinyl windows, especially the older ones. Vinyl had only become an option in window making when the 50s began, so it’s no wonder that many older homes still keep wood windows. 

Additionally, vinyl was a new and unknown material to many for a long time, so many people avoided it. Today, we can safely say that vinyl is a superior material to wood. And for all of the naysayers, we are here to elaborate on that, so you’ll know for sure why you need to replace your wood windows with vinyl windows. 

Vinyl Is Far Easier to Maintain

Many believe that wood is timeless, but that’s not true. It requires a lot of maintenance if you want it to age well. Plus, more often than not, the maintenance won’t help – wood will still rot over time. That’s especially true if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions. 

On the other hand, vinyl requires almost no maintenance. The only thing you need to do with your vinyl windows is to wash them every year and check that they are still performing well.

Vinyl Is Not as Expensive

Price is always one of the most important factors, and you’ll be glad to know that vinyl is far cheaper than wood. 

Many would assume that this is because vinyl is of lower quality. However, the only reason it’s cheaper than wood is that wood windows are rarely made today, which is why their price is often higher:

  • $300 to $800 per wood window
  • $150 to $400 per vinyl window 

Vinyl Windows Are Easier to Install

It’s not only that the material itself is cheaper, but the installation is also less expensive. It’s easier and less tricky, so most professionals tend to charge less. It’s light, and it doesn’t require much finishing work – it’s mostly installed as it is. Also, take a look at the prices:

  • $200 to $300 per wood window installation
  • $150 to $250 per vinyl window installation

Vinyl Windows Are More DIY-Friendly

If you like to replace windows on your own, vinyl windows will be far easier. As we’ve already stated, it’s easier for professionals to install them than wood windows, so it stands to reason that this goes for homeowners as well.

Vinyl Has Many Options to Choose From

Unlike wood and many other materials, vinyl is very flexible and offers a lot of options. You can choose from a lot of different varieties of vinyl windows. You can get various colors, and you can even get vinyl windows that look like wood windows. So, if you really love wood windows, you can still get them without the downsides actual wood brings. 

Vinyl Is Very Common

Vinyl windows are very common for the simple fact that vinyl as a material is very common as well. The demand is high, and manufacturers know that, which is why they make vinyl windows in large numbers. 

For these reasons, getting vinyl windows will always be a quick procedure.

Vinyl is More Energy Efficient

At the beginning of their life, both windows are equally energy efficient. However, as time passes, wood warps and rots, which reduces its natural insulation abilities. Vinyl, on the other hand, remains the same. If you’re interested in installing vinyl windows, contact 1-800-HANSONS for a free estimate.

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