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Why You Should Replace Wood Windows with Vinyl Windows

replacing wood windows

Vinyl has dominated the windows market for years at a revenue share of 54.3%. That’s an impressive statistic, and it exists for excellent reasons. This magical material is almost completely resistant to scratches. It’s climbed all the way to the top of the Energy Star list at a U-value of up to 1.25, and it doesn’t need a lick of paint. With a nonporous surface that doesn’t require coatings, it’s easy to clean with the swipe of a cloth. Better yet, it can masquerade as any organic material. This is why it’s time to make a change:

Vinyl is user-friendly

Wooden window frames have earned a reputation for their timelessness, but their properties don’t live up to the hype. They’re sensitive to Mother Nature’s onslaughts. Sun, wind, and rain bring cracks and rot, so soft timber only achieves a lifespan of 30 years. Higher quality wood might serve you for 60 years, but only if you constantly invest in its upkeep.

Varnish tends to go brittle in sunlight, which leads to tears and cracks. As water penetrates the surface, flakes will follow. Coatings need to be sanded and replaced regularly. Oil sealants and treatments don’t come cheap. It takes time to recoat a wooden surface, and that means labor costs and materials. To make matters worse, wood will rot in harsh-weather areas no matter how fastidiously you care for it.

Vinyl is far less fussy. All it needs is a soapy cloth, so its lifetime costs are significantly lower and more reliable.

Vinyl is affordable

Wood is the leader of the premium market, but that position comes at a high price. In January 2022, the average price of wooden window frames was between $600 to $1, 275 per window. Wood has become increasingly scarce in recent years, so its prices have sky-rocketed.

To add to the initial outlay, wood frames require a long production line that begins with the planting of a seed. Vinyl only takes a few months to produce, and with no scarcity problems to speak of, it costs a mere $125 to $500 per window. That affects more than just your pocket. Vinyl is manufactured at a dizzying pace, so it doesn’t take long to track down the frames of your dreams.

Vinyl has an easier installation process

Vinyl is one of the easiest luxury materials to install. It’s lightweight, easy to cut, and can be snapped together end-to-end. Vinyl window installations are so easy they take just half an hour to complete. That translates into low labor costs that reflect in your ultimate bill. A vinyl window will cost you $150 to $250 in labor costs. Wood requires exceptional workmanship, so you can raise those labor costs before you even start counting your hourly rate. The latter, incidentally, will set you back $200 to $300 per frame.

It’s easy to DIY vinyl

If you’re an avid DIY junkie, vinyl windows are an easy addition to your to-do list. All you need is a caulk gun, pry bar, and drill. Your frame is easy to place with the assistance of a few mounting screws. Once you’ve removed your existing window, all you need to do is push your new vinyl frame into the gap and add caulk.

Vinyl is aesthetically-versatile

Vinyl is the great multi-tasker of the fabrication world. It can masquerade as any organic material you can dream up, including exotic woods, cork, and stone. Thanks to 3-D printing, those high-end faux wood frames are more affordable than ever. This is one of the many reasons designers are so excited about working with them.

It’s easy to achieve a rich, organic look when you can manufacture it on the cheap. Don’t make the mistake of thinking vinyl is cheap, though. It might be affordable to produce and install, but it remains one of the most durable options on the fabrications list. Through the wonderful world of vinyl, you can enjoy every material on the market in a more lasting form.

Vinyl is energy efficient

The average window has a U-value of 1.6 in comparison to vinyl’s 0,25. While well-insulated wooden frames can achieve the same U-value as vinyl on the day of installation, that number will start, and continue to, fall as it warps and cracks. Older wooden windows can’t meet the industry standard for thermal efficiency, let alone improve upon it. Vinyl is the hero of this particular tale.

If you’ve been dreaming about Houzz’ latest custom window frames, vinyl will serve you beautifully. It’s easy and affordable to customize, so your aesthetic breadth has never been wider. Despite all those excellent properties, many older homes still have wooden window frames. An upgrade will restore your home in several ways, not just in terms of thermal resistance, but aesthetic value and ease of maintenance, too.

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