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How Do I Reduce or Eliminate Window Convection?

window convection

Many people mistaken window convection and drafty windows as the same; however, they are two different things entirely. Window drafts are caused by air leaks due to faulty weather stripping, aging window frame, or poor installation.

Window convection, on the other hand, can occur in windows that have no air leaks at all. Convection occurs when air gives up its heat to the cooler glass of the window and sinks toward the floor, creating a draft. So while both drafty windows and window convection can make you feel a draft, they’re not the same thing and should be handled differently.

What is Window Convection Exactly?

Convection occurs when warm air flows up against the cooler surface of a window, forcing colder air away from the surface. The draft that you may experience is actually just heated air circulating through the home, pushing existing cold air off the glass. Ultimately, convection is one of the reasons why your house will lose heat during winter, adding to your heating bills.

Ways to Stop Window Convection

There are a number of ways to reduce window convection. Here are some tips:

  • Leave your curtains of blinds slightly open to encourage warm air to reach the glass.
  • Place a small office fan in a bay window or garden window to promote air movement
  • Promote warmer class surface by ensuring heat registers aren’t blocked by furniture such as tables and couches.
  • Ensure there’s good airflow in the room that will equalize air temperatures.
  • Double glaze your windows to get an extra layer of glass in front of the window panel so that there is a small air gap between panes. While some condensation may occur, the air that gets trapped inside will act as an insulator, reducing the rate of heat transfer by convection.


How Energy Efficient Windows Affect Your Bills

Because energy-efficient windows have increased insulation, they reduce your home’s energy usage and therefore, lowering your bills.

If your energy bill is what bothers you more than the draft you feel because of window convection, replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones is the solution. Energy-efficient windows were designed to prevent your heated or cooled air from escaping from your home.

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