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Raising the Roof On a House

raising a roof

If you’ve always longed for the airy aesthetic of a spacious home, the effects might be within your grasp. A raised ceiling will reinvent your home’s personality thoroughly. You’ll finally have the space you need to install those exquisitely tall windows you’ve seen on Pinterest.

A high ceiling also translates into extra natural lighting, so you can put that gloomy room in the past where it belongs. A roof lift will alter more than just your lighting, though. Raise it enough, and you can maintain your existing footprint while adding an additional floor. You can, at last, install the high-tech man cave or office you’ve always wanted.

What Does Raise the Roof Mean?

Raising a roof can do one of three things:

  • Increase your top floor’s cubic space
  • Add a new story to your building
  • Adjust the pitch of your roof

A slight lift will change the aesthetic of your interior while adding to its spaciousness. A more dramatic adjustment can add an attic, or even several rooms, to your property. If your building has outlived its usefulness due to insufficient clear height or floor space, you don’t need to hunt for a new house. A simple adjustment might be enough.

The Cost of Raising a Roof Pitch

A raised roof pitch is no easy task. It requires you to replace your roof, add to your siding, and create new joists. If you replace the entire frame, your costs could jump even more, but that’s still a fraction of the cost of adding to your footprint by expanding outward.

A new roof pitch is well worth the investment, though. It can prevent leakage, improve curb appeal, and add to your storm resistance.

Lifting the Roof of a House

Lifting your roof allows you to add new areas of visual interest, but it has practical implications as well. A new roof design can make your home more weather-resistant, particularly in terms of leaks and mildew. It adds to your home’s value, delivering a return on investment of over 110% for the roof alone.

If you’re creating a new floor, you can expect to reap an extra 80% in ROI. Each room you add will raise those numbers, so if you’re about to sell your property, this is one of the best ways to increase your profits.

Raising a Roof Before and After Permissions

A roof lift is a drastic remodeling task, so the process needs to fit a long series of codes and regulations. Before you begin, you’ll need planning permissions related to how your desired aesthetic fits that of your town.

If you’re adding dormers that face a major highway, those permissions might be a little harder to gain, but most applications will go through on the first try if you have the right construction partner. After you’ve completed your planning, you’ll need to make sure your lift fits construction regulations, including permission to add beams, flooring, and fire doors.

No roof lift is the same. Every project has unique priorities, aesthetics, and returns on investment, but it’s best to start your journey with your wildest design goals.

The higher your objectives, the further you’ll get, so this is an opportunity to set your creativity free. Your new, remodeled home will touch every aspect of your home experience, from your quality of life to your everyday living costs. Make sure it counts.

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