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How to Remove Mold from Your Roof

how to remove mold from your roof

Roof mold is a costly issue for homeowners. If it isn’t taken care of and mold is allowed to grow, it can rot and fester, creating a host of structural problems which decreases the lifespan of your roof. And as soon as you notice a black streak forming on your roof, it’s time to take immediate action and remove it.

What many homeowners fail to realize is how crucial it is to clean the roof the right way. If you want to eliminate the threat of long-term damage, you should seriously consider getting the job done right the first time to protect your investment. So, it’s always best to hire a professional. And here’s why:

Assessing the Damages

Mold occurs when moisture gets trapped underneath the surface of your roof. As shingles absorb water, they cause flashings and other metal fittings to rust, while shingles start rotting away. This surface is perfect for mold to grow its roots and spread which can cause shingles to pull apart.

To deal with the problem, you will first need to determine what sections of the roof are covered by mold. It helps you find out how serious the problem is, and if the roof will need to be repaired, or it could be a warning sign to replace your roof.

You will also need to determine the type of mold that is growing on your roof. Some mold is blue-green algae, while other types include moss or mildew. Each one is considered to be roof mold, and each one needs to be treated with different chemicals to remove it from your roof successfully.

Safety Measures for Removing Mold

All mold is health hazardous. The various chemicals used to spray down the roof and coat it in protective residue are also considered to be highly toxic. If you don’t have the correct safety equipment, it can cause severe medical conditions. That’s why it’s best left to the professionals.

Licensed professionals have specially-created chemical mixtures that deal with different types of molds. They know how to accurately dispense the material across the roof and rinse off the chemicals after the plants have died off.

Professionals also have state or federal approval to use these toxic mixtures, and in a way that is least harmful to people and the environment.

Why It’s Difficult to Remove It Yourself

Depending on the scale of your problem, it can be tough to remove mold from the roof. The moldy surface area might be too large to be handled by an inexperienced individual with limited knowledge, tools, and supplies. It also might cover the entire roof, in which case it’s best to replace it with a new one.

Additionally, untrained individuals can’t make a proper assessment of the damages. It means they will use ineffective, store-bought chemicals or methods of removing mold, which can harm the roof.

Hire a Professional

Removing mold and cleaning your roof can extend the life of your shingles. It can also prevent structural damage and leakage into your home. If mold caused any of these issues, it’s time to consider protecting yourself by hiring a professional.

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