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How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

How Much Does a New Roof Cost

How much a new roof cost depends on many factors, like the configuration and size of your roof and the materials you choose. Our guide will help you with the cost of a new replacement, but remember that every job is different.

Replacing a roof can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $30,000 depending on complexity. However, when making an estimate, contractors consider many factors that are specific to your roof, like your preferences, and even where you live.

To give you an accurate cost estimate, roofing contractors have to do the following:

  • Measure your roof – Most measurements are performed digitally, using drone or satellite technology, and include the peaks, slope, and overall complexity 
  • Do an inspection – Contractors have to determine the project scope and assess the condition of your roof 
  • Recommend materials– Next, your contractor will recommend the best products for your project (ventilation, shingles, and accessories) and warranty options.
  • Calculate costs – With all this information, your contractor can calculate all the costs: materials, labor, warranty, and other services fees (preparation, permits, clean up).

Shop around

Make sure to get more than one opinion and compare the offers closely. Naturally, you may not want to choose the lowest estimate, since costs should be higher for better roof installation, product quality, and warranty protection.

Choosing to move forward with cheaper, low-quality work can lead to needing your roof replaced sooner and could even void your warranty. Make sure to always ask a roofing company about their liability insurance before hiring them to make sure you are safe in case of an accident.

Unforeseen costs

If your estimate is higher than you expected with the materials you’ve chosen, it may be because of other damage on your roof. If you had a storm that may have caused damage and did not take action right away, you may have plywood damage on your roof where shingles were ripped off.

Complex roof designs

These may also increase the price of a roof. Skylights are hard to work around, so contractors will charge more to accommodate those kinds of features.

Labor costs

Labor costs are usually around 60% of the new roof costs. If you are negotiating with a roofing company that is offering very low prices, it is worth reconsidering. We recommend looking up these businesses online on review sites.

Labor costs can fluctuate because contractors go where they are needed. For example, after big storms that cause roof damage, roofers will probably be in high demand.

Keep in mind that roof replacement is a vital home improvement project if your roof is in poor condition. If you leave it too long, leaks can be expensive and dangerous, since leaks can get into wiring and potentially cause a fire. Leaks can also be expensive because you may need to and have electrical work done on your home and replace your ceiling.

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