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Laser Etched Shower Tiles vs. Traditional Tiles

laser etched shower tiles

Grout is the bane of every bathroom. When it’s not housing colonies of mold, it’s cracking and turning into powder. Thankfully, homeowners no longer need to tolerate this high-maintenance feature.

Laser-etched tiles give you the aesthetic beauty of tiles without the scrubbing. Their benefits rise above mere ease—Laser etching can take on any shape. Why choose square tiles when you can have hexagonal or triangular ones? Why settle for the texture of ceramics when you can engrave masterpieces into acrylics? Let’s find out if etched tiles are as fabulous as they sound.

The ravages of time

Etched acrylics are non-porous and mold-resistant. All they need is a gentle wipe with a soft cloth. They’re completely waterproof, so they don’t leak or absorb moisture the way grout does. If you’re not an avid cleaner, you’ll love their easy maintenance requirements.

Tiles are often equally non-porous, but their grouting is not. If you install ceramics, you’ll be scrubbing and replacing that grout for the rest of your life. Your tiles will need to be resealed every two years. Still, etched tiles can’t compete with the lifespan of ceramic tiles. The latter will give you 50 to 100 years of service to etched tiles’ 10 years.

Working with texture

Laser-etched acrylics can mimic the look of traditional tiles better than ever before. The etching process creates raised marks, achieving a surprisingly authentic look. While ceramic tiles can etched, lasers aren’t strong enough to penetrate their surface.

Etching them will only achieve a frosted or discolored effect. It can’t give you the crispness or depth of acrylic. Thermoplastics have a relatively low melting point and are highly responsive to lasers. You can even have family portraits etched onto them.

Installation costs and schedules

Laser-etched tiles can be cut on-site and installed in a day. They’re easy to customize and faster to etch. In contrast, traditional tiles will absorb a full week of installation time.

Your ceramic tiles could last you 100 years. Etched acrylics will only give you 10 to 15. To calculate which option is more affordable, you need to factor their lifespans and maintenance into the equation.

If you’re going to have to replace your acrylic tiles every 15 years, don’t forget to add several installations to your cost estimate.

Premium esthetics

Customized statement walls are all the rage, and traditional tiles are the perfect way to create them. You can choose natural marble, porcelain, or ceramic in any hue you can dream up. Acrylics haven’t lost this particular race yet, though.

Laser etching can achieve effects worthy of a gallery wall. Many fine artists have begun producing work on acrylic panels instead of canvas because the effects are exquisite. Acrylics can be molded while hot, providing impressive creative versatility. You can also choose simulated acrylic tiles with faux grout to achieve an organic look. If you want a unique aesthetic, both acrylics and tiles will serve you well.

Laser etching has revolutionized the tile industry, giving homeowners infinite aesthetic possibilities. If you adore basket weaves, carbon finishes, or marble, thermoplastics can provide them, but ceramic tiles still have a place in the market.

Nothing does marble and granite like marble and granite, so faux effects aren’t for everyone. Fortunately, you have infinite tiling possibilities to choose from.

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