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What Can I Do to Maintain My Roof?

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Your home’s roof provides you with defense against rain, snow, hail, wind, and heat. It protects your home and all the precious people inside of it.

However, because it is exposed to the elements every day, it will naturally wear and tear over time. And during months when the weather is particularly severe, your roof can take quite a beating, causing damage and deterioration.

Replacing or repairing your roof can be expensive enough but having to do so before its guaranteed lifespan can be frustrating. To prolong your roof’s life expectancy and reduce overall roof costs, it’s recommended that you maintain your roof regularly.

Here’s how:

Know Your Roof

Before buying your home, it would have been ideal to ask the previous owners or the contractor what materials were used for your roof.

How old is the roof? What material is it made out of? Has it ever been replaced or repaired? By knowing your roof, you’ll be better prepared to assess its current state. Different materials have different lifespans and guarantees. And without knowing how old your roof is, you can’t say if it’s reaching the end of its expected lifespan and if it’s time for a replacement.

General Inspection and Repair

By having your roof inspected regularly, you’ll be able to catch problems early and do something about it before it gets worse.

Have the roof examined for missing, loose or lifted shingles and the rest of the shingles inspected for mold and moss, worn spots caused by missing granules, peeling, curling, and cracks.

Consistently Clear Away Debris

Your roof bears the burden of hail, fallen snow, winds, and rain. Do your part by having the debris cleaned away. Debris can cause further damage not only to your roof but your entire house. Debris can clog gutters which can ultimately lead rusting and leaks and potentially jeopardize the integrity of the gutters themselves.

Debris that settle in the valleys of your roof can create draining issues. When the drainage is obstructed, rainwater or snow can cause pooling, adding unnecessary weight to your roof. Water pools also promote mold and moss growth that can rot your roof.

Invest In Preventative Measures

Investing in preventative care now can save you from replacing your roof entirely. First, make sure your attic has adequate insulation. Not only will this help maintain the temperature in your home, but a properly laid layer of insulation keeps water vapor from pooling on the underside of the roof.

Good ventilation also helps prevent water vapor build up and keeps moisture from damaging the roof sheathing and rafters.

Schedule Regular Maintenance with a Professional

Your local roofing professional doesn’t only need to be called when you have a leaky roof or notice that the mold and moss build-up. Roofing professionals can help you maintain your roof while also being on the lookout for damage that could potentially get worse.

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