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What Type of Roof Do I Have?

When you’re choosing a roofing style, visual impact really matters, but so do utility, strength, and its lifetime. Knowing the style of your roof can help you decide what kind of material or shingle works best for your house. Here are the different types of roofs that can be found.

A-frame roofs

Can be seen on churches, cottages, and homes. The roof serves as both the roof and the walls for a building.

The butterfly roof

Not commonly used. This style provides options for large windows and plenty of light and ventilation. It can be effective for water drainage since it can centralize the water flow, but the installation can be complicated, and the cost of repair can be expensive.

Flat roofs

Especially popular for commercial buildings. They are the most simple roof to build because they don’t have a pitch. Rubber roofing systems are the most common types of systems used on flat roofs.

Double-pitched roof

The most popular roof type. Generally, the double-pitched roof is a triangle made up of two surfaces, which are linked with a ridge on the top.

Folded plate roof

Has limited use in residential homes. It looks like a string of small gable roofs placed next to each other.

Gable roofs

Have two sides that come together at a ridge. They form end walls with a triangular extension at the top, which is called a gable. It is one of the most commonly seen roof structures around, as it is one of the least expensive options. It also allows water to drain off easily.

Gambrel roof

A kind of gabled roof. It is most commonly used on barns, but also in residential buildings. The benefit of this type of roof is that it provides a good amount of space in the attic. 

Hip roofs

Standard on residential buildings. They can be square or rectangular but most commonly have two sides that are longer than the other two. Thanks to its pyramid structure, it is very stable and strong.

Mansard roof

Similar to a Gambrel, but Gambrel roofs have only two sides. Usually, on the lower slopes of the Mansard roof, dormer windows are installed to improve the roof’s architecture.

Parapet Roof

A parapet is an extension of a structure. It can be a part of a wall that continues above the roof surface.

Saltbox house

A traditional style in New England with a long, pitched roof. It is generally a wooden frame house. It is similar to a gable roof, but the main difference is that the saltbox is asymmetric, while the gable style has symmetrical slopes on both sides. 

Shed roof

Very similar to a flat roof; only it has more pitch. It is usually used as an addition to other roof styles.

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