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What Improvements Increase a Home’s Value?

what improvements increase a homes value

Property valuation has existed ever since the first shekel changed hands. Even in those days, it was more of a philosophical skill than a science. Subjectivity seeps into every crack and crevasse of the discipline. Home values rise and fall in response to economical optimism, neighborhood viability, and a host of other fickle factors.  

The return-on-investment metric eschews those temporary influences while still letting you know which home improvements will generate the best profits. It tells you how much profit you can earn on your renovations according to the cost of those investments.

Think of it as the yeast that helps your bread to rise. The more you add to the recipe, the fluffier your dish will be. Sometimes, low cost amplifies ROI, just as reducing the flour and liquids in your yeast recipe will give you a lighter dish.

ROI forces homeowners to think of their costs a little differently. When a home improvement project recoups more than 100% of its price via increased property value, it stops being an expense and enters the realm of investment. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s crucial to know the difference, particularly before a resale.

What makes property value increase?  

Property value is a fickle thing that rises and falls by district, interested buyers, and the average price of your neighborhood homes. Still, your floor plan, size, and features are the most robust ways to improve your asking price. You can’t swing the market or change the location of your neighborhood school, but you can always renovate.  Not all renovations pack much yeast into your recipe, and some are too expensive to produce a light dish, so you need to choose wisely.

A minor bathroom renovation offers an average return of 102%. New landscaping returns a 100% average. A minor kitchen remodel follows in third place at 98.5%. Vinyl windows offer an ROI of 75%, and new siding gives you an impressive 88% return. Next in line are:

  • Attic bedroom conversions
  • Major bathroom renovations
  • Major kitchen renovations
  • Deck or porch additions.
  • Roof replacements.

In short, bathrooms and kitchens sell houses, but minor renovations top of the list because they cost less than more significant remodeling projects. If you want to push your property value into the clouds, it often makes sense to spend a little extra. Thinking in terms of investment value rather than cost will help you to add to your asking price and improve buyer demand.

How can I add value to my house?

Some projects add to ROI only in terms of reduced utility bills, so they’re largely pointless for a homeowner on the cusp of a resale. New insulation or tankless water heaters might recoup your costs if you live in your home for another 10 years, but their returns upon resale are underwhelming at best. You need to focus on high ROI projects that will reflect directly on your home’s value and demand. New features, floor plans, and green fittings will reflect well on your price. Practical features like roofing and siding can boost your property value as well, but you might have to remove unwanted features like glass walls and cork flooring, too.

What increases home value the most?

A few remodeling projects boost property values the most:  

  • Bathroom renovations are still at the top of the list for their low cost and high returns
  • Kitchens add to home value, but they’re often the most expensive renovations on the market. You need to do some careful calculations before deciding to move ahead.
  • Loft conversations and extensions add to your floor space. Extending upwards alters your living space and improves your curb appeal, so it’s one of the most powerful renovations you can do before a resale.
  • Swimming pools raise property values in sunny climates.
  • The most wanted specialty rooms are laundry rooms, home offices, living rooms, and dining rooms. In the kitchen, table space and island floor plans top the list.
  • The most profitable renovations for people on a budget are new garage doors, stone veneers, upgraded entry doors, and new wood flooring.
  • Among exterior renovations, a new roof will recover 107% of its costs. It’s one of the most impactful remodeling projects you can perform. New doors follow in second place. Fiber cement siding and steel front doors follow swiftly behind.

Renovation impact is an art, not a science, and it relies on your capacity to read the market. What raises value in Minnesota might be a pointless expense in Arizona, so you need to get under the skin of the buyers in your area. Your friendly neighborhood realtor or National Association of Realtors are the perfect people to ask. Handle your investment wisely, and you will do more than just recoup your costs. You’ll add to your wealth.

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