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Home Exterior Improvements to Increase Its Value

home exterior improvements

Your home’s exterior can make a big difference to its value when it’s time to sell your property. It can even affect how other houses are perceived in your neighborhood. Curb appeal is an important factor in increasing the value of a house in a competitive real estate market, since it can greatly affect a buyer’s first impression.

Here are the best exterior upgrades that will improve your home’s comfort and curb appeal.

Check your gutters 

Improve your home’s value by updating your gutters. This is vital to the structural integrity of your roof, as well as a good way to enhance the look of your house. Worn, cracked, or hanging gutters can be a red flag to some buyers. Check your gutters carefully and replace them if they look damaged or old in any way. Upgrading your old gutters to a material like copper or stainless steel adds an upscale look to your home and also improves functionality. Professional roofers can help you with this.

Increase the value of a home with new siding or paint 

The most common curb appeal advice from real estate agents is to give your exterior a good paint job. Buyers will notice it right away, and appraisers will as well.

New siding or a fresh coat of paint will increase the value of your home. Visualize the difference between fresh paint and peeling old paint. A fresh paint job is an easy update, which you can also do yourself with some preparation.

However, painting can be expensive and time-consuming. You should try to match the color you already have: Scrape off a little paint and ask your local store to match it. Resist the need to make a bold statement with color. An appraiser will often mark down the value of a home that’s painted a much different color from its competition.

Neutrals are always a safe choice. Many homebuyers don’t want to spend even more money after buying a new home, and neutral colors like light grey, taupe, white beige, or even ‘greige’ (a mix of grey and beige) that go with everything have the best overall appeal. For example, subtle contrasting colors on the window panes or trim are a great way to improve a home’s exterior for buyers. This can also help a house sell more quickly.

Light up your property

There are many reasons to invest in exterior lighting. If you want to enjoy your space in the evening, then you should consider adding outdoor light fixtures. This is particularly useful if you have a patio. Also, outdoor lighting can improve the security of your property.

Lighting beautifies your home

This is perhaps the most important reason why you should consider buying light fixtures for your home’s exterior. When the lighting is installed properly, it can transform the look of your home, especially at night. This will also improve the overall curb appeal. Your home will probably increase in value when you decide to put it on the market. With attractive lighting, visitors who come to your property at night will feel cozy and warm. It is probably the first thing they will notice when they pull up to your driveway.

home exterior lighting

It increases the value of your home

Home buyers are always looking for unique selling points. You might have gotten the basics, but there needs to be something that sets you apart – something that other houses in your neighborhood don’t have. A home that has outdoor lighting will probably attract more visitors compared to one that doesn’t. The atmosphere created by the lights will make a huge difference when you want to sell the house. However, poorly installed lights can have the opposite effect. That’s why it is essential that you consult with a professional if you’re planning to install exterior lights.

It compliments the landscape

Strategically placed outdoor lights will definitely compliment your landscape. This makes the summer nights more beautiful, and it is what makes owning a home an unforgettable experience. You can also choose accent lights, which will highlight a particular bush or a tree in the landscape.

Work on your landscaping 

When you want to improve the value of your home, don’t forget about your surrounding property. Landscaping can seem like a small detail, but it can make or break the curb appeal. 

Increase your home’s value by enhancing your landscaping. Potential buyers like to see a well-kept yard. Simply trimming your hedges and shrubs, mowing your lawn, and pulling out weeds can make a prospect feel more comfortable on your property. If your yard needs more than a trim, a good landscaper can help you plan and make improvements to your yard. Even something as simple as adding a few potted plants can also increase curb appeal. 

Sprawling trees or unkempt plants can obscure your house from view and block out natural light, making your home darker. This is important since you want to take advantage of natural light as much as you can.

Landscaping can enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase the property value. Mature plantings will provide you the biggest return on investment, so ideally, you should begin landscaping long before you decide to sell your home. A cohesive landscaping plan will also provide you the best return on your investment, so even if you don’t hire a professional landscaper, you must take the time to carefully plan out your new landscape.

Don’t let overgrown trees and weeds take away from your home’s curb appeal. Instead, make sure your landscaping looks well-manicured and that it improves rather than degrades your home’s value and appearance. 

Enhance your garden

Make sure you clean up your back and front yards. Pull out weeds, plant flowers or new bushes, re-mulch, and reseed dead grass areas. Buy a couple of big pots and plant flowers in them to accent your front entrance. Ideas are countless when it comes to gardening!

Replace the roof

Although it’s the most expensive home improvement on this list, roof replacement has the best ROI as well. Roof replacement isn’t just about keeping your home dry. You can also make decisions about new materials and finishes that can make a big difference in the aesthetic of your house’s exterior. Although plants greatly contribute to a home’s curb appeal, most of them, unfortunately, won’t last nearly as long as a new roof, which has an average lifespan of 20 years!

Window and door replacement

Upgrading your doors and windows will not only provide better curb appeal and increase the resale value but also prepare your house for the cold season. The increased energy efficiency decreases your energy expenses as well.

Make sure the driveway looks neat

Adding a driveway to your home is one of the best home improvement investments. Most potential buyers prefer a driveway since they want an option to drive from the home to the main road without affecting the home’s landscape. If you already have a driveway, make sure that it is neat. Also, work on asphalt coating. You can also consider a colored asphalt to add a special touch. Make it aesthetically appealing with fresh flowers along the edges. Ensure that there is a symmetrical composition of flowers at both sides to make it more pleasing to the eyes.

Find the right agent to increase the property value before listing 

After all, if you are planning to sell your home, it’s best that you consult a real estate agent you can trust. They know best what kind of home improvements will give you the highest return on investment and what you need to focus on most. 

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