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Can Rubber Shingles Be Used on Any Type of Roof?

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If you’ve done any research on roofing, you’ve probably learned that many people love the benefits that come with rubber shingles. They’re durable and long-lasting, as well as resistant to sun damage, mold, and moisture. This makes them a great choice for an area that frequently experiences sunny days and snowy winters.

The question is, can every kind of roof benefit from rubber shingles? Today we want to talk about the kinds of roofs that work well with rubber shingles and the kinds that don’t.

Low-Pitched or Flat Roofs

These roofs are perfect for rubber shingles. Because low-pitched or flat roofs don’t drain water very well, the water-resistant aspects of rubber shingles will protect them from mold, rot, and general water damage. Even during a downpour, homeowners with these roofs won’t have to worry about leaks as long as they have rubber shingles.

Average or Steeply Pitched Roofs

The biggest drawback of rubber shingles is their appearance. Many homeowners prefer how asphalt shingles look, so if the roof of your house is very visible, you may want to choose something other than rubber.

However, we will point out that some manufacturers now make rubber shingles that can resemble other kinds of shingles, so you may not notice the difference. Acrylic paint can also help make them more attractive.

Consider the Price

Besides the appearance of rubber shingles, the only other drawback is the potential price. You’ll certainly pay quite a bit for these efficient, long-lasting shingles, so the bigger your house is, the more expensive the roofing job will be. People with small homes might not mind paying a little extra, but if you’ve got an expansive roof, re-shingling the whole thing with rubber can cost a pretty penny.

Let Hansons Install Rubber Shingles on Your Denver Home

At Hansons, we love the flexibility and durability of rubber shingles. That’s why we frequently recommend them to homeowners throughout the area. To receive a free estimate for our roofing services, or to learn more about rubber roofing, contact 1-800-HANSONS today.


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