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Roofing Contractors in My Area

You’ll want to find the best roofing contractor in your area – someone who is cheap and does a great job. The trick is identifying which ones are cost-effective. That’s precisely what we will be discussing in this article. We’ll answer some of your questions and help you identify the best roofing contractors in your area.

At some point, a problem with your roof is bound to happen, no matter how much you maintain the roof. You’ll hear a noise from the ceiling or notice a leak. When that happens, you know that something has gone wrong, and you’ll probably be worrying about who to call and how much it will cost.

Are Roof Estimates Free?

One promising sign of a good roofing contractor is a free estimate. To give you an accurate estimate, they will need to visit the property and see the roof for themselves. When giving you an estimate, they should explain which options are best for your house and your budget. If they give you an estimate over the phone, chances are they won’t be able to honor it.

You should know that all companies that don’t offer a free estimate are not the right solution for you. Also,  you should know the difference between an estimate and an inspection. The main difference is that inspections usually cost money. If a contractor tells you they need to perform an inspection to give you an estimate, you should probably avoid working with that contractor.

How Much Does It Cost to Reroof a House?

In the end, to identify the best contractor in your area, you’ll have to know how much re-roofing costs. 

The cost depends on a lot of factors, which means it can vary significantly from house to house., That being said, we can still give you a rough idea:

  • The price per square (100 square feet) of the roof is usually between $350 and $550
  • Re-roofing the entire roof of an average house costs between $6,000 and $9400 (that’s assuming you have around 17 squares and you opt for the most popular asphalt shingle roofing)
  • Re-roofing for larger houses with 30+ squares will cost more – between $10,500 and $16,000

Do Roofers Make Good Money?

On average, roofers make a rather decent salary, but this does not always mean that they are worth what they’re paid. The best thing that you can do is look at those who make median salaries in the industry. These roofers are usually the best as they are the most cost-effective ones.

On average, roofers make about $19 per hour and almost $40,000 per year. Naturally, you should be aware that salaries vary a lot when you look at different states, with Florida and California having the highest average salaries that reach $48,000.

Just because a roofer is highly paid, does not always mean that they will provide quality work. The best thing that you can do is look for those who make median salaries in the industry. These roofers are usually the best option because they are the most cost-effective work.

Whatever the case may be for your area, know that it’s much better to hire the contractors than to opt for a DIY option, which can quickly go wrong without the right tools and skillset.


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