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Old Window Ideas: What to Do with Vintage Windows

old window ideas

Old family homes hold a lot of sentimental value for some owners. They may have been a home they visited once a year that contains many precious memories of childhood and times spent with loved ones that are no longer around. But to keep the ancestral homes in great shape, homeowners have no other option but to make changes to maintain the house. 

One of the first things replaced is those old vintage windows with new and more cost-efficient ones. That does not mean you will need to throw away those vintage windows. Here are a few ideas on how you can refurbish them and make them into something new while still keeping your memories.

Breathing New Life into Old Windows


Headboards are a creative way to transform old vintage windows into something that will add more personality to your bedroom. If you have a queen or king-sized bed, and your windows are not long, you can always combine two. You can paint these or leave them as-is and place them behind your bed, attached by hooks or nailed to the wall.

Room divider

You can use the same window frames like the ones used as headboards and match them with a room divider for additional privacy. If you happen to live in a loft or studio type space, these are a great way to add division to your small area. By adding hinges in between them, you can create an accordion-like divider and make them partially divide the space or only partially. 

Picture Frames

A few touches of paint and even glitter can turn those old window frames into beautiful picture frames. Since old window frames already have partitions, you can use them to organize your pictures’ design layout. Each frame can be for each family member, and another you can fill up with a group picture.


Old windows can be nailed together and made into garden fences for your vegetables or vining plants. You need to make sure to take out the glass parts and make sure no broken pieces are sticking out if you have pets wandering around. 

Cabinet Doors

You can also use the old windows as cabinet doors by replacing the plain ones initially on them to give your cabinets more personality. You can choose to keep the glass on the panels or replace them with corkboard or chicken fence wire for a more barnyard feel kitchen.

Towel Holders

Old windows can be turned into towel holders, too. First, make sure to sand down the frames to ensure no wooden parts are sticking out that may damage your towels. Attach a hook on the back to attach it to the wall. Then screw in three to four hooks on the front for the towels.


All you will need is a giant corkboard or if you have corks from wine bottles. Fill up the spaces with cork, and you have yourself a useful DIY corkboard frame where you can post reminders or inspirational quotes.


You can also use old windows by painting the glass on the panels with chalkboard paint and turn an old window into another functional item, a chalkboard! These come in an assortment of colors and not the basic green or black ones. 

Coffee Tables

Turn those window frames into coffee tables, and they will be a conversation piece with your guests. By making a rectangular box and placing the window frames above it, you can add hinges on one side of the box so you can open and close it. You can then place items inside that can be seen through the glass panels.

Bathroom or Bedroom Mirrors

Replace the window glass with new mirrors and have yourself new pieces for your home. You can place these mirrors next to the entrance of your home, in the hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms. 


The wooden grids on your windows can function as separators for all sorts of stuff. You can have one near your door to put your car keys in or money for the pizza delivery. Another one in your bathroom for different kinds of soaps. One your little girls’ room, to organize her hair accessories, another for a boy’s collection of small cars.

Decorative Holiday Pieces

You can also turn the old windows into decorative pieces for different seasons or holidays. You can paint one orange and black for Halloween and use paper bats and spiders as decorations. Pastel-colored ones for Easter, with baskets on the side for the egg hunts. Red and green painted window frames, for the Christmas season where you can also hang a colorful wreath.

Jewelry Display

All you will need are small hooks or even push pins horizontally aligned along with the frame so that you can hang your jewelry. Attach this near your vanity area, and you instantly have a jewelry display area. 

What to Do with Vintage Windows

Rustic Window Framed Map

Travelers will enjoy this DIY project. Find a map and use the window as a frame. It will look incredible next to your other travel memorabilia.

Greenhouse Plants

Old vintage frames will make great greenhouses from your succulents and cactus. All you will need are seven pcs of the old window panels—one for the bottom, four for the sides, and two for the roof. 

Vertical Succulent Window Garden

You can also make vertical succulent gardens or air plants gardens using the old windows. Since air plants do not need soil to grow, they can be inserted between the frames and have an instant window garden.

By breathing new life into those old vintage windows, you have given them another chance to become useful by finally replacing them with new windows that will better protect your home and provide your family with the comfort they deserve. Your home will continue to build more memories along with the newly designed vintage windows from your past.

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