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How to Replace Windows in a Brick Home

replace windows in brick house

The key for a window replacement to go smoothly in a brick-veneer wall is sizing the new window correctly. The replacement window must be small enough to fit through the existing brick space without having to pull apart the brick and mortar. However, it needs to be big enough to allow the new unit to be unnoticeably trimmed out. Additionally, it needs to minimize the unsupported flashing.

Can I replace a window in my house?

First of all, consider that it’s not a good idea to DIY windows in your house. Since windows provide a perfect place for water to get into your floors, walls, and basement, a DIY can cost you more than a professional installation. Also, you need to ask your local code enforcement agency if this type of project is even allowed in your area.

While replacing windows on a brick home may seem like a daunting task, the fact is that window replacement for these homes is actually not any more or less difficult than any other type of home. What is vital for a flawless installation on a brick house – or any other house – is taking correct measurements from the start to the end of the project. This is by far the most essential factor of installation because accurate measurements will provide a snug fit that will prevent air drafts and ensure years of optimal performance.

In order to measure for a window replacement home that’s made of brick, you must first remove interior molding. Then, using a tape measure between the vertical sides of the casement, across the top and center, and at the bottom side.

All casement angles need to be a flush 90-degrees. Once all measurements are taken, the vinyl window replacements can be bought and prepared for installation. When taking the old windows out, it is important to know that brick veneer can be more brittle than other home materials such as wood or vinyl. This means that you must proceed with more caution and use more precise tools when taking out old windows.

Replacement time

Once the old windows are taken out, the replacement windows can be placed into the opening. They can then be caulked to provide a sealed fit that will eliminate drafts. From here, you can decide to stain or paint the window to match the overall style of your home.

Keep in mind that window replacement is a precise process. It needs to be handled by skilled and trusted professionals. You need to find a highly trained team that has lots of experience installing windows on homes made of brick and any other style of home.

They will carefully install every window to improve your curb appeal and maximize energy efficiency. In addition, vinyl replacement windows are energy efficient. They have some of the finest features, such as low-emissivity coated glass and insulated frames.

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