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How to Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Home

How to Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Home

Some wear and tear over the years is inevitable, but here’s what you can do to prevent it as much as you can!

Apply New Paint

A regular paint job adds a stylish color and protects the home’s exterior. Paint protects the house from the elements because it takes the direct hit instead of the actual siding or wood. Paint that is specifically created for outdoor use has properties that seal against water, wind, cold, and so on. Painting the exterior can extend the life of the house, and it reduces the normal wear and tear that happens with time.

Repair Roof Damage

During the colder months, roof damage can lead to serious issues like water damage to your home’s foundation and interior. This is why you should check your roof this season and look for signs of damage and deterioration. For example, look for cracked, loose, or missing roof shingles. By repairing these problems right away, you can make sure that your home will stay safe during the next storm.

Trim Bushes and Trees

When bushes and trees grow, their limbs can scratch the home exterior and roof. Trim plants and trees often so that they are not touching the house or, worse, growing their roots into the home’s exterior. A general rule is that there should be enough space between the foliage and home for a person to walk through.

Gutter Build Up

It is also essential that homeowners tend to their gutters to remove debris and leaf build-up.

This buildup can lead to stains on the exterior of the home in the form of leaf build-up or water streaks. You should try to clear gutters at least twice per year, during the spring and fall.

Power Washing

Another way to maintain your home’s exterior is through power washes twice a year. Power washes help to wash the grime and dirt away from the home’s exterior. A good power wash will help to keep the beauty of your home’s exterior. A power wash is an easy way to give the home a nice clean look. When performing a power wash, it is important to use the right equipment and materials. You should also consult with a professional who can give you insight into the best way to clean the house to avoid the likelihood of damage.

Frequent Inspections

Visually inspect the exterior of your property regularly, at least once per season, to spot any potential areas of concern. This should include taking a walk around the exterior of the house to find any beginning stages of damage. These areas of concern may include rotting wood, chipping or cracking paint, loose siding, or the growth of mold. These issues will only worsen over time, so it is better to take care of them right away.

It can also be a good idea to hire a professional painter every few years to ensure there are no underlying problems that the homeowner has not seen.  

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