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How to Get Paint Off Vinyl Siding

how to get paint off vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is of very high quality, and the color on it rarely needs to be removed and redone. However, sometimes, people still need to remove paint from it. Maybe the siding on your home was vandalized, or you accidentally got some paint on it while working on another project. Or perhaps you just want to repaint it

Whatever the case may be, you’re in a situation where you need to remove the paint. Here are the steps and tips to get paint off vinyl siding quickly and easily, and without damaging it. Here’s how to remove paint from vinyl siding.

The methods you can use

Depending on the type of paint, there are several methods you can use to get it off vinyl siding.

For water-based paint:

  • Make a cleaning solution out of laundry detergent and warm water.
  • Pour it on the paint and scrub it off with a brush.
  • Rinse the affected area with a power washer and repeat the whole process, if the paint is still there.
  • Use alcohol to remove any small remains and then rinse the area once again.

For more complex paint like an oil-based one:

  • Use rubbing alcohol and a cloth to wipe the paint as much as you can. 
  • Apply liquid wax on a ball of steel wool and scrub the remaining paint. 
  • Then clean the area with a mix of detergent and warm water. 

For old, dried up paint:

  • Use a scraper and remove the surface of the paint.
  • Then use acetone paint remover or mineral spirits to scrub the area until the paint comes off.
  • Once again, use a mixture of warm water and detergent to clean the area thoroughly. 

Whatever your situation is specifically, one of these methods should do the trick and get the paint off your vinyl siding. However, if they aren’t helpful, then some additional tips should solve the problem.

Additional tips and tricks

  • Buy a graffiti remover that’s suitable for vinyl surfaces and apply it on a cloth to scrub the paint. The remover must be suitable for vinyl siding because regular ones can create discoloration.
  • Nail polish can sometimes do the trick, as long as there is only a small area that needs the paint on it removed.
  • Use a commercial solvent called PEC-12. It’s very powerful, but it’s also highly toxic. That’s why you need to wear gloves, a mask for your face, and some glasses for eye protection. Use the solvent on a non-abrasive wipe or some cotton balls to wipe the paint off. When you’re done, make sure you rinse the area with water to thoroughly clean it and remove the solvent.

How to get paint off siding: the bottom line

As you can see, there are more than a few ways to remove paint from vinyl siding. One of them should do the trick for you. However, if everything fails, then feel free schedule a free no-obligation siding estimate with 1-800-HANSONS. We install the highest quality vinyl siding, and we can help you with your paint problem as well.

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