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Green Roof Benefits

green roofs

Green roofing is turning roofs all over the world into lush, landscaped gardens. All the cool roofs are doing it, from City Hall in Chicago to Nanyang University and Vancouver Convention Center—and their cool effects aren’t limited to their handsome good looks. A grass roof can help dial down city temperatures while adding insulating power to your interior. A green roof house adds much-needed floor space to your home, so if you’re an avid landscaper, this is the approach for you.

What is a Green Roof?

Green roof systems incorporate a vegetation layer and waterproofing system to your property. At their simplest, they have only one goal: to support the environment. When used in urban cityscapes, they can reduce heat and prevent the flow of pollution. Green roofs don’t limit themselves to eco benefits, though. At their most sophisticated, they give you extra landscaping space while revolutionizing your curb appeal.

Types of Green Roofs

If think you’re too lazy – I mean busy—to maintain a green roof, think again. Eco roofs come in three lush alternatives. If you’re a hardcore environmentalist, extensive green roofs are designed for only one reason: to shrink your neighborhood’s carbon footprint. They rely on three to six inches of weight growing medium and can incorporate low-maintenance ground cover. They don’t tolerate slopes well, so they’re best for retrofit and flat roof buildings. These are low-maintenance structures that you only need to water in their first year. The birds and bees will handle your seedlings all on their own. They don’t even expect a salary.

If you love spending time in nature as much as you do saving it, intensive green roofs will give you a garden spectacular enough to crawl onto the pages of a décor magazine. Intensive green roofs are fully landscaped, replete with walkways, lighting, and railings. If you prefer the best of both worlds, semi-intensive roofs combine the benefits of intensive and extensive roofs. They’re diverse and easy to afford.

Benefits of Eco Friendly Roofing

A grass roof will control your storm water runoff while trapping dust and smog. The more grass roofs there are in a city, the lower its urban heat island effect, so you can pat yourself on the back for improving the air quality of your entire neighborhood.

How Do Green Roofs Reduce Pollution?

A reduction in cooling loads reduces gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion. Green roofs add to that effect by reducing carbon dioxide levels through the magic of photosynthesis. Plants also increase oxygen production while sequestering carbon in plants and substrates.

How Do Green Roofs Save Energy?

Most HVAC units need to pre-cool air themselves. Grass roofing makes this far easier to achieve. Green roofs are cheap to maintain and have an exceptionally high R-value. They’ll cool down your home and reduce the heat on your roof, allowing your HVAC system to achieve its best effects. They also add a dark, heat-absorbing membrane to your home, keeping your property cool in summer and warm in winter.

What Are Green Roofs Made of?

Eco friendly roofing options consist of a filter membrane, growing membrane, a drainage layer, and root repellant material. Pebbles and landscape fabric will take your gardening skills to the max. The plants themselves need to survive well in poor soil and offer evergreen protection.

Today’s roofs are more ambitious than ever before. They dream of becoming more than mere asphalt. Eco friendly green roofs are powerful insulators that add to your quality of life while introducing a swathe of color to your property. Who says flowers don’t belong on roofs?

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