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7 Reasons Why Bedrooms with Large Windows Are Awesome

There’s something about entering a room that has plenty of wide windows such as bow windows that takes people’s breath away. In fact, windows can be so beautiful that homeowners who have the luxury of having as many windows as they want opt for floor-to-ceiling windows to give their home a truly stylish and glamorous aesthetic.

If you live in a neighborhood where the scenery outside your window is particularly picturesque, it makes perfect sense to want to view that from the comfort of your own bed as often as possible. It would be the first thing you wake up to and last thing you see before you fall asleep.
But apart from the visual appeal of large windows, here are other 7 reasons why your bedroom should have large windows.

1. Panoramic Views
The bigger the window, the better the view. If your bedroom has a view of the city or nature, you will enjoy a scenic view every day. Even if your bedroom is located on your home’s 2nd story and overlooked the neighborhood, a panoramic view would still be amazing especially at night when all you see are the lights of your neighbor’s homes below.

2. Natural Light
The larger the window, the more natural light is invited in. If your bedroom faces the rising sun, it would be marvelous to wake up early to the sun slowly entering your room and filling it with the healthiest light the sun provides all day.

3. Ambience
Day or night, the atmosphere that large windows can create for a window can be amazing. Large windows can give a room a truly romantic feel at night while being bright and energizing in the morning.

4. Window Treatment Options
You can dress up your large windows multiple ways. Long and heavy curtains can look very luxurious and give your room complete privacy when they’re closed. Window treatments allow you to bring in personal style to your space which you can showcase with the curtains are drawn. Make a statement by choosing fabrics that complement the rest of your bedroom’s tones.

5. Ventilation
The larger the windows, the more fresh air you’ll invite in. Open your windows to allow a cool breeze in to help ventilate the space and keep the room fresh, preventing it from getting too stuffy and dreary.

6. Makes a Space Look Bigger
When there are large windows in a room, they have the same effect as mirrors which can make a room appear bigger than they really are. This is because windows make your eyes extend past the room to the outdoors. So if you have a rather small room, the trick to making it look bigger is by installing beautiful, large windows that draw your line of sight out.

7. Bring Life Into Your Room
Depending on where you live or where your bedroom is located, bigger windows can let life in by connecting you to nature or a beautiful starlit sky. If you are lucky enough to be surrounded by lush greens and natural beauty, large windows will be like having them framed for you to look at and appreciate every day.

At 1-800-HANSONS, we know all about how windows can make any room more beautiful. If youère thinking of adding large windows to your bedroom or replacing your existing ones with a different window type, we’re here to help you choose. Let’s work together and win together!

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