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5 Curb Appeal Tips from a Realtor

curb appeal tips from a realtor

Are you looking for easy ways to boost your curb appeal? Here is some expert advice from the best realtors! 

Enhance your nighttime appeal

Your prospects might be driving by after dark to see what your home looks like at night. It’s time to turn on the charm with a subtle glow from exterior lighting.

You can add a 60-watt clear light bulb on both sides of the door, but choose one that has a warmer color so it doesn’t look like an LED blue light. All exterior lighting on the garage and house should ideally match or have the same style.

You can also add glass fixtures around the door because it looks more welcoming. Just be sure that all exterior lights – including the garage lights – have the same kind of bulb for a unified appearance.

Freshen up the front door

You’d be surprised how much of a difference painting your door could make. Besides being the entryway to your home, your door is the focal point of its exterior. Don’t be afraid to go bold with color selection. Fresh colors will draw attention and encourage potential buyers to enter. 

Sure, you can’t go wrong with a new coat in a neutral color like black, gray, or white. But if you’re feeling a little bold and really want your home to stand out on your block, opt for a cheery pastel – like an orange-pink or light green. Also, bold front door colors are trending big-time.

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your door is an affordable, easy trick that can transform your home in an instant – and it will definitely leave a positive first impression.

For example, buyers can often stand at the front door for a few minutes while the real estate agent gets the keys out, so make those moments count.

Paint the outside of your home

This is a big project that can contribute more to selling your house than anything else. A freshly painted home makes a great first impression. If you don’t have the budget or time to repaint the whole house, just touch up the window frames or shutters.

Take care of your garden

Take care of those overgrown shrubs or wild weeds. Cut back any plants that keep light out of the house. Go for colorful plants with different growing seasons so that your yard looks great in both summer and spring.

Keeping the grass clear of debris and trimmed is an easy way to enhance curb appeal. Make sure to water the grass regularly to keep it healthy and green. You can also try to:

  • Add color to the landscape by planting potted plants or seasonal flowers
  • Pruning overgrown trees and bushes 
  • Fixing all crumbling walkways and cracked driveways 

Replace old hardware

Replacing old hardware, such as the door handle, mailbox, house number, and overhead light, can add appeal to your entrance. If they’re outdated or in bad condition, they might take away from the aesthetic you are trying to create. Also, make sure that the hardware forms a cohesive appearance.

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