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Common Window Problems in Omaha, NE

Omaha, Nebraska window problems

When Mother Nature comes to Omaha, she forgets her manners. She rips through the city with icy rage. Winter temperatures rarely rise above 16 degrees, and summers are no easier to stomach. Those temperature extremes play havoc with your infrastructure. Humidity and frequent thunderstorms cause moisture intrusion, rot, and mold. Those, in turn, penetrate expensive appliances before turning on your respiratory health.

Omaha locals are prone to allergies, asthma, and even infections. Continental climates put every part of your home through massive expansions and contractions, so your windows can lose their integrity before you’ve even finished paying for them. There are better environments for cladding, but you needn’t leave the city to improve your indoor climate. A simple window upgrade can improve your quality of life exponentially.


Buckling and moisture intrusion go together like whiskey and ribeye steak. Condensation leaks through your cladding, ultimately ending its journey as mildew on your walls. In between, it wears on your windows, corroding your cladding and inviting even more moisture inside.

Compromised windows often reveal themselves through condensation. If your interior panes are coated in moisture, the odds are excellent that your cladding has lost its efficacy. That ultimately drags your R-value down, which forces your HVAC system to work overtime to achieve the same temperature. Now, all you need to do is wait for your utility bills to rise.

The cost of new cladding doesn’t happen in a vacuum, with one big payout and no financial gains. Over the long-term, Energy Star-rated windows can achieve a U-factor of up to 0.40, and that rating will keep your monthly costs down.

Summer Sunshine

Omaha’s summer sunshine is only beautiful when it keeps its heating influence outside. When days pass the hundred-degree mark, you count on your windows to resist thermal intrusion. If you’re still using double-pane emissive glass, your air conditioner’s performance will wilt.

This is where low-E glass enters the picture. A special microscopic coating reflects infrared light, so UV energy can be eliminated. If you’re tired of your bleached décor, Low-E glass is your new best friend. It’ll even keep thermal energy indoors when the weather becomes cold.

Poor AC Performance

Intense heatwaves become increasingly common as climate change marches on. If you’re overheating in the middle of summer, your windows could have something to do with it. Energy Star windows rely on two or more panes of glass to increase thermal resistance. If your brand new air conditioner is cycling frequently, it’s best to upgrade to three or four panes of glass.

Noble gases have no bonds, so they don’t absorb heat. For that reason, the best-insulated windows include layers of argon or krypton. If you’re pinching pennies, the former will suit your pocket best, but krypton’s insulation powers are hard to beat.

Drafty Windows

If you feel a draft when you stand next to your windows in the winter, your frames might have decay and other moisture damage. Indoor condensation is another sign that your seals have been compromised. Warm-edge spacers and new cladding will boost your insulating powers.

Your choice of framing materials is more powerful than you think. Double-hung vinyl frames can achieve an R-value of up to 3.23, and that brings warmer winters.

Your windows are the winter warmers of your home. They keep you protected from harsh weather in all seasons while simultaneously adding to your overall insulation. Just one tiny intrusion can have a drastic effect on your interior climate, so failing windows will do more than just add to your energy bills. They’ll add to your discomfort as well.

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