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Window Replacement and Its Many Benefits

Unless you’ve been a homeowner for many years, you probably never had to think about window replacement. The logistics and proper functioning of windows is not something that people usually consider. That’s until something goes wrong, of course. And when it comes to windows, several things can go wrong, or they may have never worked properly in the first place. 

Among these issues, we can include things like air and thermal leaks, water infiltration, insect intrusions, fogged glass, mold, etc. All of these and others will lead homeowners to consider window replacement as their next home improvement project. That said, here are several of the most important benefits when it comes to replacing windows. 

Properly-Functioning Windows

Since exterior windows will take the brunt of the elements, it’s no wonder that they wear and tear over time. If you’re struggling to open and close your windows, it’s probably time for a window replacement. Windows that don’t open and close as they should contribute to an entire host of other issues. These will include things such as low indoor air quality, air leaks, mold, mildew, etc. In some cases, these poorly-functioning windows can be repaired, but sometimes replacement makes more sense.  


A house’s windows play a crucial role in the overall aesthetics and curb appeal of a home. Older, deteriorating windows will often be scratched, foggy, or otherwise aesthetically unpleasant. And even if they are in good condition, old windows may go out of style and drag your entire house with them. While this may not be a significant issue, it can prove a significant problem if you’re looking to sell. 

You can enhance your home with more modern window styles, such as bay windowsbow windows, and picture windows. This will upgrade your property’s value and saleability and also its interior and exterior appearance.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Replacement windows won’t only play an aesthetic role but also a cost-reduction one as well. It’s important to realize that foot for foot, your windows lose more heat in winter and gain more heat in summer than any other surface in the home. And when they make up 15 to 20 percent of the surface area of your walls, whatever insulation you may have will be negated by your poor windows. 

Aside from escaping heat, there’s also the issue of solar energy that comes in through the windows. This can be broken down into Infrared (IR), Ultraviolet (UV), and visible light. IR radiation (heat radiation), overheats your space, adding to the air conditioning costs during summer. The right replacement windows, like those marked with an Energy Star seal of approval, can greatly reduce the amount of energy used to heat and cool your home. Your resulting energy bill can be lowered by as much as 20%. 

Improved Interior Comfort

Another negative impact of old windows is a draft. If you notice that your HVAC system is working more than it should or there are cold spots around windows, you’re probably in need of window replacement. New windows will not only eliminate any existing drafts, but they will also improve the overall comfort of your home. 

The same thing can also be said about noise. If the outside noise seems to be getting louder, it’s probably your windows that are to blame, not your neighbors. New windows will help with this issue as well. 

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